Interview with Cytherea


Below is an depth interview with the queen of squirt, Cytherea. She has been away from the industry for a little while, do to her having a baby. She plans on coming back soon and you can read about it all below in her first interview in a while.

First off for those who don’t know you are, who are you and please describe yourself?

My name is Cytherea and I‘m from Salt Lake City, Utah. I’m Hispanic, Caucasian and Creek Indian. I’m 26. I am a C cup. I’m highly sexual and bi. Plus squirting got really big after I started doing it on film

How did you first get into the adult industry?

I was always chatting on yahoo. While in a chartroom one day I got a email from a modeling agency asking me to do porn. So I thought sure, I love sex. So the agency invited me to this banquet at a bowling alley. I go inside and there were a whole bunch of naked porn stars. Belladonna started fooling around with me by the lockers while I was there and I knew I wanted to do it.

How long have you been in the industry?

Since 2003 and I won best new starlet in 05.

Who are the people your dying to work with, if any?

I have pretty much worked with everyone except Lexington Steele.

Who are your favorite people to work with?

There are too many to name.

When did you lose your virginity?

When I was 16 to my boyfriend at the time.

Does your family know your in porn and do they support your decision?

Yes they do, I get support though only from my mom.

Cytherea 2You seem to have intense orgasms when you squirt, your body contorts and you kind of shake. Is there a reason for that?

Well when I climax I’m in another world it’s so intense and I’m very sensitive.

You have had problems with drugs in the past, how did you overcome it?

It was ruining my life. Many of my relationships were falling apart and I was hurting the ones I love. I made a decision to stop doing drugs cold turkey. I was deep into them and my heart won over my head to do what was right. I found out I was pregnant and I gave up smoking as well. My baby and my husband mean everything to me. My life was almost ruined by drugs and a bad relationship I had. I now have a very loving husband who fully supports me in whatever I want to do.

Do you have plans to reenter the adult industry?

I know I want to eventually get back into it. I miss the people the attention and the impact I had on the industry.

Can you share a funny, silly or embarrassing story that happened to you?

When Clive McLean was alive he was there when I did a shoot for one of the Summer Camp movies from Hustler. There was an orgy scene and all of a sudden all these girls, there must of been seven, start working on me. Kissing, licking, prodding all over. I got so turned on. This camera man that didn’t know me was coming in for extreme close-ups and I felt a strong orgasm coming on. Then I had a huge squirting orgasm! The cameraman was leaning into the area and I let out a huge squirt and it was unbelievable. I got the guy drenched with my squirt, but even funnier was the fact that the camera was put out of commission because of the amount of liquid and the monitor started sparking all over. They had to shut down the set. Everyone was laughing hysterically in an uproar.

Through all your trials and tribulations who has been there for you? Who would you like to thank?

My agent, Harry Weiss, is such a great agent and friend he really cares. Anyone would do great to have Harry. Suze and Holly Randall, Patrick Collins and Tianna Lynn from Elegant Angel, Ron Jeremy, Michael Ninn, Paul Fishbein and Larry Flynt from Hustler were all there for me when I ran into financial problems. My mom and Paul Diablo also helped me emotionally as well. They always gave me encouragement and believed in me. For that I am so grateful. Most of all my husband has been my guiding light and has kept me grounded. He wants me to be the most I can be in whatever I want to do. I also want to make sure my fans know how dear they are to me. How all the well wishes and support mean so much to me.

Do you have any new projects in the works or in the near future?

I want to start doing live webcam and do live squirting on my site. I would like to also continue doing movies and have my own production company.

Cytherea 3Is there anything you would like to promote now?

Yes I am doing custom videos and autographs for anyone that wants them. If they would like to see me squirt or any other requests please contact me on myspace and I will make them one. I also sell lingerie and movies from before. Contact me on myspace for now.


  1. Hi there!from the time I watched Squirt woman,I had a crush on Cytheria.She is awesome,I also love her face and her eyes.She is simply amazing.

  2. cytherea is on of my favourite porn star. she has the most cute face and an amazing body. female ejaculation is one thing i will ever be able to live without………… and cytherea does it BEST. i am a feminist and i love females and i respect them. infact i worship them.
    cytherea all the best to u. may u do well. i LOVE u!

  3. I have downloaded a couple of Cytherea’s videos (there’s lots of them!) and looked real close, in stop action etc.

    I concluded they are totally legit and that she has the most breathtaking orgasms on the entire internet. as far as the squirting, it was her that convinced me it was real. when the medical professionals in cooperation with those specializing in human sexuality FINALLY do a chemical analysis on the fluid it will hopefully put an official legitimacy on the phenomenon.

    and then maybe lots more women will find out how to do it thanks to Cytherea’s remarkable pioneering work and contribution to understanding and thereby ENJOYING sexual intimacy.

    bravo Cytherea !! all the best to you now and in the future.

  4. Wow cytherea is the most beautiful gal ve ever seen in this world she got nice face i love her squirt if i ve my way pls u r d best kip d work going al best to u gurl

  5. I have to admit that Cytherea is my She-ro! 🙂 As a woman, it’s important to be very in touch with your own sexuality and how your body functions, and she’s got it down pat. I can make myself squirt, but hubby can’t….at least not yet. I’m not sure I’ll ever have squirts like hers, but I’m going to do my best to try!

  6. Cythreria….. one bad thing (or good) is, whenever i watch her video clip, i will surely wank myself. I just can’t stand it….. she makes me horny whenever i watch her….. keep it up cytheria.

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  8. Cytherea, you’re the bomb! Whenever I need a quickie I put on one of your vids and $%#@%^& Keep up the xxxcellent work


  9. Hi cyhterea,
    really evry man is shocked with your sweet lovely erotic squirts,,,really I enjoy watching all your squirts and evry squirt semms to be better than the other….

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