Interview with Keiran Lee


Keiran Lee 1First off, for those who might not know you, what is your name and please describe yourself?

My name is Keiran Lee; I’m 24 from Derby in UK. I’m 6 foot, brown hair, hazel eyes and currently engaged to Miss Puma Swede soon to be Puma Lee.

How did you first get into the adult industry?

I was working for a rail company in UK, some friends posted some picks of us out for a night out and getting very drunk. I some how got my cock out and pictures were taken and ended up on a swingers website. A couple emailed and asked me if I would like to come and do a shoot with them, I thought “What the heck?” and went for it. I worked for them for a while, and then last year I decided to go freelance and work with every company. In that half a year I worked for Rocco Siffredi, Christoph Clark, Harmony Films, Private and others. I also won UK male actor or the year.

What made you interested in entering the adult industry?

I have always had a high sex drive and love women so I think it came naturally to me.

Are there any people in the industry that you would love to work with but haven’t had a chance to yet? If so who are they?

I would love to work for Belladonna. I think her films are really good. As for girls I haven’t worked with yet, I’m really laid back as long as we have good chemistry. I always think that’s key to making a great scene

Tell us about your very first scene in the industry, please.

It was in a hotel room in Derby. I was so nervous as I was only 18, but at that age hormones were taking control and as soon as camera was filming I forgot it was there and just enjoyed the scene.

Keiran Lee 2You recently signed an exclusive deal with Brazzers. How did that come about and was it something you were is search of or did it just happen by surprise?

Well I came over for Eva Angelina’s wedding to Danny Mountain and was only coming for a vacation. I had worked with a few American girls in UK and they were all saying I should contact Brazzers, as I had the cock for the Pornstars like it Big site. I contacted them and shot a scene while it was AVN week. My first scene went really well and they asked me back the next day. The next scene was even better and they asked me to stay till end of the week. Then it got extended for another week, after that I had to fly back to UK as I was booked. As soon I had landed I got a call from Blake Marbly, Brazzers LA and Vegas production manager, who asked if I would like to return and be contracted to Brazzers for six months. I thought it was a great chance to work for the biggest website in US, so I jumped at the chance, after two months they extended my contract for two years.

You are also young compared to most men in the business. What would you say the benefit is for you considering how much younger you are?

Well I came in at 18 and the last year I went full time and have worked with some top stars already like Rocco Siffredi, Christoph Clark, David Perry and Steve Holmes. So I have learned a lot from these guys already which can only benefit me. So my performances can only get better with time and thankfully I have time on my side.

Do you have any fantasies that haven’t been fulfilled yet? If so, what are they?

I’m all for living each day as it comes. I have done a lot of things that only most guys could dream of. But I’m a normal guy that is just really laid back.

How would you like to see your career progress in the future?

Well I want to make a great name on the Brazzers sites and hopefully launch my own site and production company at some point. I would love to get to the stage of Rocco one day, but I won’t get carried away.

What sort of things were you interested in outside of work?

I’m a huge football fan. You guys call it soccer, but in UK it’s what we call proper football. Also spending time with my beautiful wife to be Puma Swede

Can you share a silly or embarrassing story for our fans?

Yeah me and Danny Mountain were doing a DP scene with Cathy Barry in UK, the producer said just do what you want guys. So in our first position in DP Danny and I started singing Buddy Holly’s “Peggy Sue” we are both huge Buddy Holly fans. Cathy was laughing so hard at the end of it.

Keiran Lee 3Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?

Well first it has to be my princess website I know she is working really hard on it and will be bringing some great scenes to her site. Also but there doing pretty well without me promoting them. Last but not least would be and These are Puma’s best friends and have been great and have really helped me settle in since I moved here.


  1. Hey im not the usual type to speak about PORN in public lol but its great i am now a big Keiran Lee fan,hes hot and gorgeous and hes an awesome Male Entertainer and ill do anything,ANYTHING,to meet him and Puma Swede,they both cool and make a really cute couple. Go Puma and Keiran!