Interview with Rachel Roxxx


Rachel Roxxx 1First off, for those who might not know you, what is your name and please describe yourself?

I’m Rachel Roxxx folks, that’s right, with 3 X’s. I’m 5’0″ short. My measurements are 34D-24-34, I’ve got brunette hair and gray/blue eyes:. I’m of German, Irish, French, and Welsh descent. I’m a 25 year old Pisces from San Antonio, TX.

How did you first get into the adult industry?

I was a Hooters girl before joining the biz. A friend of mine from Houston got me into the adult industry. I thought about it for couple of years before hand and decided that it was now or never. I never even watched porn, maybe one, before I started doing it! So on a days notice I packed up what I could, took a flight to LA and still live here. I love it! Just got my very own place and a badass little kitty cat, meow.

What stars have you not had a chance to work with but are dying to do so?

Hmmm, tough question, I’ve actually worked with some awesome people so I dunno how I’d answer this one. I’d like to meet Belladonna, or work with her. She seems very cool and down to earth.

You have only been in the industry for a little while now, how is it being in the industry so far?

It has its downs but it is so fun that they are greatly out-weighed! I’ve had a great experience so far.

Tell us about your first scene in the adult industry, please.

Shane’s World College Amateur Tour in Texas. I don’t wanna talk about it, lets just say I’ve come a long, long, long way

As many people know, you’ve never done anal on screen yet. Have you started doing anal and it hasn’t been released or are you still thinking about it?

Nope, I have not explored that territory on camera and don’t plan on it. I kinda like it in my personal life but only with a toy.

Have you thought about doing feature dancing?

I think about it all the time but I totally dance like a white girl. I’ve considered taking classes, maybe someday

What is your biggest fantasy?

I’m living it. I’m an exhibitionist, a shy one. Oh I know, I wish I could make myself squirt, yeah

When did you lose your virginity?

At the ripe old age of 14. I should have waited but I was horny and my boyfriend at the time was cute and convincing, hi Paul.

How would you like to see your career progress in the future?

For now I’d love to keep banging out scenes but I definitely wanna be affiliated forever. Maybe get onto directing or something else along those lines.

What sort of things are you interested in outside of work?

I like to travel sometimes, I’m getting into the beach thing since I now live by one that isn’t brown. Shopping, tanning , I like driving around for some reason, astrology for sure, bowling. House music rocks too, and oh yeah I like to sing my conversation sometimes, mostly ending in “Doo-da, Doo-da”.

Share a silly, stupid, funny or embarrassing story that happened that you can share with our fans.

I get anxiety in front of too many people sometimes and I sometimes “water my panties”.

Rachel Roxxx 3Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?

I’m thinking about getting a booth for AdultCon, maybe. Oh yeah, I’m going to launch my site someday,

Here is one extra picture of Rachel: Rachel Roxxx