Bring Home The Jersey Shore With Pipedream Products’ New Guido and Guidette Love Dolls


Chatsworth, Calif. – Pipedream Products, manufacturers of the world (in)famous line of Super Star Series love dolls, has added two new dolls to its roster. This time around, instead of culling tinsel town for another hot mess, Pipedream Products hit the tri-state area to bring the Jersey Shore home in the form of two dolls—a Guido and a Guidette.

“It’s a lot of fun for me to create gag and novelty items,” says Pipedream Products CEO, Nick Orlandino. “Being from the east coast and having spent my fair share of time around these types of people, creating the Guido and Guidette Love Dolls took me back to the old days. These people exist, but these days, being called a guido or guidette isn’t an insult like it used to be—it’s a badge of honor.”

Like all the dolls in Pipedream Products’ Super Star Series, the Guido and Guidette love dolls feature eye-catching packaging and hysterical copy that make these dolls perfect gifts.

The back of the Guido Love Doll box reads: “Meet Guido, the bronzed-up zippahead with rock-hard abs and more juice than Tropicana. Just add air and this pumped-up douche bag is ready to make your fist-pump and your panties wet.” The back of the Guidette Love Doll box reads: “Meet Guidette, the filthy lil’ pot-belly pig who loves balls on her chin more than the all you can eat buffet! When this pudgy porker ain’t tanning or stuffing her face, she’s busy blowin’ every guido on the boardwalk!”

“Our new Guido and Guidette Love Dolls are perfect examples of what we call ‘unnecessary necessities’ for any adult store,” says Kevin Johnson, Marketing Manager for Pipedream Products. “Sure no one needs them, but people gotta have em! Just look at how quickly our last Super Star Series doll sold out! We recommend getting your order in today before this situation gets out of control and your customers can’t play nookie with their favorite snooky!”