Interview with Raven Alexis


Hello Raven those who might not know you, what is your name and please describe yourself?

My name is Raven Alexis and I am a 23 year old Digital Playground contract actress as well as the owner of Raven Alexis Productions. With Digital Playground I get to create incredible feature films and through my company I maintain a number of websites including my membership site at where I can explore the “reality” of sex behind the scenes and present my fans an interesting contrast to the larger productions I do with Digital Playground.

Outside “the office” I enjoy everything related to technology, gaming, and outdoor activities. Lately my favorite toy has been my new iPhone 4 and I have integrated daily video blogs and updates to my site at featuring the iPhone’s HD video capabilities. So whether I am offering up thoughts from last week’s Exotic Dancer convention here in Vegas or talking about tech gadgets and gaming, I can’t get enough of technology and I think my Twittering is second only to masturbation in terms of favorite past times.

Last time we chatted Fly Girls had recently come out. How has life as a Digital Playground girl been since then?

I absolutely love being a Digital Playground contract star and having the opportunity to make incredible films like Fly Girls and the forthcoming block-buster Body Heat! It is great to have the chance to show my fans and followers the erotic and opulent productions created by Digital Playground and still have the one on one interaction, regular chats, and more personal, sensual, and “reality-based” Raven that I can be on my personal sites.

In September Digital Playground is releasing Body Heat. What can you tell us about the movie and what can you tell us about your character?

Body Heat is an absolutely phenomenal movie. It’s the biggest and best of the year and the type of film that I hoped to have the opportunity to participate in and create when joining Digital Playground as a contract starlet.

The story centers on a fire station that is facing closure and the resolve of the firefighters to make a stand and to save the firehouse and their careers by raising the money and doing everything that is necessary to keep it open. I play the role of the station psychologist who is charged with providing therapy to the fire fighters following a tragic accident. My brand of counseling is a little unorthodox and perhaps even a bit of a wild ride, but when I get on top and demonstrate my technique, I think even the most headstrong can see how good it feels to get some things out of their system. Psychologically speaking of course, no pun intended.

One of the anticipated scenes in this movie is the all Digital Playground contract girl orgy that we see a quick glimpse of in the trailer. What was it like working with all the girls on that one scene?

Wow! Hot! Incredible! I wish there were adequate words to explain how incredible that scene was and how great it was to work with Jesse, Riley, Katsuni, and Kayden in an all girl orgy. Deliciously decadent comes close and I think the scene will blow everyone’s mind for sure!

Back in May of this year you decided to completely overhaul your personal website,, how has that been going and what can your members expect once it is officially launched?

We are not only relaunching our flagship site at but also three additional sites within the Raven Alexis Production’s network. Two of the sites, and, are redesigns/overhauls of our current sites but we are also launching, which will serve as a full eCommerce storefront where fans can buy everything from my DVDs to toys, novelties, and products from various related vendors.

You have also launched Raven Alexis Productions. Right now you only have but I’m sure you are networking and trying to get others signed. Can you tell us how that’s going?

Raven Alexis Productions isn’t a completely new entity, but after signing with Digital Playground late last year I delayed my time frame somewhat on pushing things with the company. The reasons for doing so were two-fold in that I take my obligations to Digital Playground very seriously and I refuse to launch or push something live online if I am not fully happy with the quality and satisfied with the product bearing my name.

Ideally, as things continue to progress and the future arrives, Raven Alexis Productions will become synonymous with the “Future of Reality Media” and you will continue to see new RAP properties developed and pushed live all about online. As of yet, the release schedule of the new sites is still being finalized but RAP will be branching into signing talent as well as launching other sites and creative collaborations that are conducive to our long term goals and mutually beneficial with the organizations and individuals we choose to partner with.

You have done a lot of magazine spreads this year as well. Besides the obvious what would you say is the biggest difference when doing a magazine spread compared to a movie?

There are many differences between the two but I think one of the most interesting is in what happens behind the scenes. For instance, when filming, many things are shot out of order in relation to the final product but things proceed at a “real-time” pace overall. Whereas when I am on the set to shoot stills, I often have to hold a pose for a significant amount of time to get the shot and I don’t think most people realize how strenuous it can be to model and remain mindful of all the things that need to be accounted for to get the image the photographer wants to capture. Additionally, with still shoots things tend to proceed in a much more linear fashion that makes it easier to tease the camera and essentially perform a “Strip Show” of sorts as I slowly undress and strip for the camera. And of course, seeing the final product on the cover of a magazine on the newsstand is unlike any other feeling and rivals the thrill of seeing myself on screen in a Digital Playground production. I love doing photoshoots and cover modeling and truly hope my fans enjoy my magazines and erotic stills as much as I enjoy making them.

Last time we chatted you said your favorite scene was from Fly Girls with Manuel Ferrara and Sasha Grey. Has that changed or do you have a new favorite now?

Every time I think that I’ve done the most exciting, kinky, hot scenario possible, something else comes along that is equally if not more arousing. My favorite scene of late is the all girl orgy in Body Heat, which streets on September 21st from Digital Playground. And I know I said so already, but words truly cannot describe the sexual chemistry and electricity in the room when we did that scene.

Seeing that you have worked with some of your “wish list”, are there any new girls or guys that you want to work with?

I love working with new talent and experiencing the variety of pleasures the job has to offer. One of my most recent “conquests” was Marcus London and he was a pleasure to work with and the chemistry in the scene was incredible so it became one of the feature videos that will debut with the relaunch of Going forward I would love to work with Evan (Stone) as he and I have yet to do a scene, and the gorgeous new Digital Playground contract starlet Selena Rose would be a delicious new indulgence as well.

What would you say is the biggest misconception of people who work in the adult industry?

Stereotypes and prejudices are rampant in how many perceive performers in the adult industry. I don’t know if I can honestly say one is the biggest as the truth is, anytime one group of people makes blanket assumptions and hasty generalizations about another group, there are bound to be egregious errors and callous misrepresentations. Obviously the three headed monster of drugs, disease, and dumb is still pervasive as I am reminded several times each week via some method of communication that, “All adult performers are druggies who can’t get another job.” or something equally inane. The fact that I do not do drugs, rarely drink, graduated college, and live a “normal” married life with a great husband, while maintaining incredible friendships and having outside interests and hobbies, doesn’t sit well with those who want to demonize that which they don’t understand or cannot conceive of due to their own personal narrow-mindedness and limitations in brain function.

Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?

The biggest thing in the immediate future is the relaunch of, as well as the overhaul and relaunch of and alongside our newest site and eCommerce store at Thereafter, I will be on the road a good portion of the remainder of the year with the Body Heat premiere from DP and finally a big “surprise” to end the year and roll into 2011.

Photos of Raven Alexis provided by Digital Playground.

You can check out the official Body Heat website here.