New Sensations Reveals Cover of it’s Newest Romance Series Title, Awakening to Love


Chatsworth, Calif. — The erotic cover art for New Sensations’ Awakening to Love provides a scintillating preview of the forthcoming installment to its acclaimed Romance Series. Releasing June 21, Awakening to Love is a tale of love lost and love found.

Depicted on the cover is the beautiful Samantha Ryan as she is tenderly held by Danny Mountain in the hospital room where everything changed. The intense chemistry displayed on the cover is exactly what fans of the new, female and couples orientated series have come to expect. Examining the hit Romance Series, AVN reporter Peter Warren writes, “The question of whether or not women watch porn has at this point become about as arcane as that of whether white people listen to rap. Women not only represent a viable segment of the porn-consuming public, but a fairly formidable one, at that…New Sensations, for one, has taken the bull by the horns with its new Romance line.”

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The secret to New Sensations’ success with the Romance line lies in the unique perspective brought to filming the sex scenes. Passion is promoted over acrobatics, with an emphasis on realistic positions. The camera angles are artistic, equally substantiating the beauty of the bodies, as the act of sex itself. Additionally, the script lends to well-developed characters, who viewers are able to identify with. An investment in the characters automatically makes the sex scenes more accessible and more intense.

New Sensations President Scott Taylor says, “The Romance Series focuses on the love story above the sex story, and for that reason, it caters to a substantial niche we felt was untapped. Research helped us understand the emotional connection to the characters in an adult movie many women require in order to fully enjoy the sex. Of course, we also developed a distinctive style of choreographing and filming for a female audience as well. The consumer response we’ve received from our first titles in the series is extraordinary. Men are equally turned on, especially as they witness the arousal in their partner. Awakening to Love is definitely a worthy addition to the series.”

Directed by Eddie Powell, Awakening to Love stars Samantha Ryan, Misty Stone, Allie Haze, Kimberly Kane, Danny Mountain, Dale Dabone, Tony DeSergio, Ryan Driller and TJ Cummings. When Theresa’s life nearly comes to an end after being hit by a car, her fiancé, Stuart swears that he will never leave her side. However, watching Theresa fade away may be too much for him to handle. Theresa awakens months later to an empty seat next to her and an empty spot in her heart. Will she be inspired to love again by the handsome doctor who treats her…or her best friends’ loving marriage…or the hospital patient in the bed next to her? Will Theresa awaken to a life full of love or to a life without it?

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