Review of Family Matters


In this movie from Digital Playground Kayden Kross and Angel Dark play sisters, along with Lisa Ann playing their mom. To say they have an unusual relationship would be an understatement. Not only do the daughters watch their mom having sex from time to time but they may also lust after each other. When one of the daughters sets her eye on Tommy can the family survive? It all comes down to Family Matters.

Scene 1: Lisa Ann and Tommy Gunn

After Lisa gets back from doing her morning routine she starts to kiss on Tommy to wake him up and they both proceed with foreplay. Tommy then takes his mouth and tongue and bathes Lisa’s pussy. Lisa pretty much stays put as Tommy slides in behind for spoons before she cleans his cock off with her tongue. Lisa then saddles up for some nice cowgirl and then right into doggie. Lisa then sucks Tommy off more until he pulls out coats her feet with his jizz. This is a hot scene all around but I think it’s the weakest scene on the disc and that’s saying a lot.

Scene 2: Angel Dark and Scott Nails

Scott is actually Kayden’s boyfriend and after they have a roll in the hay, that we see a little of but there is no seen penetration, Kayden goes to take a shower and this allows Angel to make out with Scott. After they get done kissing and rubbing Angel starts to suck off Scott before he does the same to her. Angel then lies back on the couch for missionary. Angel straddles Scott for some reverse cowgirl and then she gets on all fours for some doggie action. Scott eventually can’t take it anymore as he pulls out and sprays her waiting face with his man juice. This is a nice step up from the previous scene. Angel usually does anal in her scenes but she didn’t this time, but don’t worry because she does later on.

Scene 3: Kayden Kross and Mick Blue

As was established earlier, Mick is a handyman who is at the house to do some repairs. Kayden talks to him a bit while they are outside and all of a sudden they are inside and making out. Kayden drops down to give him some oral pleasure before she slides up and rides him in cowgirl. Mick buries his tongue inside her after this and that then leads to some missionary sex. Kayden and Mick get on their sides for spoons. After this there is something kind of unusual. Mick goes back to eating out Kayden and after he is done he pops on her face. I think I’ve seen that before but rarely do you see the male talent performing oral and then going to a pop shot.

Scene 4: Kayden Kross and Charles Dera

Now the setup for the next two scenes is that Tommy is supposed to check in on Kayden and Angel while their mom is away. When he swings by he is accompanied by his Charles. They end up find the girls as they start to make out in one of the bedrooms. This then leads Kayden to get up and she and Charles go to another room and start to kiss and commence with some foreplay. Kayden starts in on some oral action on Charles and then he does the same to her before they lie down for spoons. Kayden gets on her back next to take Charles in missionary and then gets on top for some hot cowgirl action. She then gets on hands and knees for some doggie action before Charles slides out and paints her face. I was glad to see Charles in this movie. I don’t know if he was on a break or something but it has been a while since I had seen him in anything so it was cool to see him. Kayden does a fabulous job as well showing why Digital Playground signed her.

Scene 5: Angel Dark and Tommy Gunn

While all that was going on in the other room, Angel starts in on Tommy. After some kissing and foreplay Tommy starts to lick her snatch. Angel responds but sucking him off and then they get into spoons. Angel mounts up to ride Tommy in reverse cowgirl and then regular cowgirl before sliding back onto her back in missionary. Next we get what I teased early and that is some anal action for Angel. Reverse cowgirl is the position of choice as we get a nice view through the entire sequence before they go into spoons while keeping the anal going. Tommy pulls out after this and ends up cumming on her pussy. Again we have a very hot scene as Angel pulls off her best scene in the movie.


There isn’t anything special to the extras here but there is a nice BTS and a photo gallery and trailers

Final Thoughts and Rating:

I have to give Digital Playground a lot of credit for deciding to go with something so taboo for a movie. There is no indication that Angel and Kayden are anything other than blood sisters, unless I missed something on that end. I’m just glad they didn’t do an actual scene between the two of them in this movie. Though after seeing their chemistry I definitely want to see them in a scene sometime soon. One thing I would have liked to have seen though was what happens after Lisa comes back. We know Angel and Tommy have sex but are there any repercussions for that action? I just would have liked a quick five minute or so scene after that. Other than the awkwardness of the family dynamic all the sex scenes are pretty hot, showing why Digital Playground is one of the most respected studios around. I give this 4.5 out of 5.