Review of Squirt Squad: Let’s Get Wet!


I’ve always kind of liked squirting movies because to me it seems more likely that the girls are having a good time. It’s easy to fake an orgasm (yes, it is) and while it’s possible to fake squirting, it’s not the easiest. I love to see girls who are enjoying themselves, and squirting means girls are enjoying themselves, so that’s why I like squirting movies. Bluebird Films brings out their Squirt Squad for this hardcore squirting good time. It’s not the best film of all time, but I enjoyed the energetic, sexy action in this collection. Want to get wet?

Scene 1: “Stories” with Mason Moore

Mason can’t help but suck off her dude when he shows off his very manly scars. Just when the scene starts to get lame she grips his hair and makes him eat her. While fucking he grips her neck and pounds into her. He gets super veiny and sweaty – everyone gets wet in this scene. Mason is pretty cute and she has fun playing with herself and her dude. This is a pretty hardcore, moist scene.

Scene 2: “Play” with Kaci Starr

Kaci starts off a playful, fun scene with kissing and tickling, but then there’s some bad porn music. Yikes. The clothes are quick to come off, and then he eats and fingers her. The scene starts cute and then quickly turns dirtier when there is hair pulling and fingering. This scene has lots of squirting and plenty of positions.

Scene 3: “Bopper” with Sindee Jennings

There’s a short interview that starts this scene, but the sound is really strange. Sindee tells her squirting story, and then she fingers herself to get ready. She gets a pretty hard pounding, and you can hear how moist she is. Sindee has an intense gaze as she looks at the camera, and her hair and body are dripping. She gets played with while he’s inside of her, and her ass gets red as he fucks her from behind. It looks very good from behind!

Scene 4: “Taj Mahal” with Priya Rai

This was a really memorable scene. Priya is a lovely girl from New Deli. She’s really cool, open and charismatic. She talks about the taboo of porn, but she’s confident and won’t back down from her own pleasure. She gets rough with her Bluebird Dude, but they both enjoy it. Priya is a little more porn-stastic than the other girls (many of them are girl-next door types) but she’s still pretty great. She drips down her legs, gets very messy, and there’s a memorable cum-shot on her rear.

Scene 5: “Chaser” with Charley Chase

There’s no need for an interview in this scene. Charley looks amazing in daisy dukes as she shakes her sweet ass. She gives a strip tease, and then she chokes down her partner’s cock in a slobbery blowjob. There’s no foreplay for her, but her blowjob is really expert. This scene is hardcore and intense, and again everyone is sweaty and squirting everywhere. Her butt is just amazing and it jiggles perfectly. She gobbles some balls and then squirts all over the camera. Charley Chase has the perfect hips to be taken from behind.


Not much here. Bluebird Films offers a popshot collection, photo slideshows, trailers to other Bluebird titles and a link to their website.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

After all of this wetness, I’m amazed that these girls don’t pass out from dehydration. This isn’t the craziest squirting film, but there’s still squirting and the sex is good. It’s pretty hot and realistic, and I enjoyed watching this film a lot. The girls were cute, the men were pretty okay, and the action was good. (I could, however, have done without the silly porn music.) Squirt Squad from Bluebird Films was pretty good, earning 4 out of 5.