My First Time on Camera: Aubrey Kate


Aubrey KateI have been getting calls to do adult film content for almost a year now. I would just hang up or tell them I wasn’t interested. I have always wanted to do it and thought it was something hot (kind of like a fetish for me). I am just a very shy person, so I was scared that would show on camera and make me look bad and not sexy. Finally about a couple months ago in july I received a phone call from and they offered me a scene and they interviewed me over the phone and I was instantly booked… A few friends that I know in the industry found out that I said yes, and they started forwarding my name and information to a bunch of companies and directors…

My First scene was for shemalestrokers… It was a solo scene just getting to know me from my personality to every inch of my body. I was super nervous in the beginning, but it was shot very professionally. It wasn’t awkward or anything like that, i just didn’t really know what to do or what to expect. I have never really watched or seen any transexual porn before, so I just did what I could from my imagination and what was on the top of my head… I remember that day I went to go film, it was like 110 outside and you cant have air on while you film or you will have that crazy background noise… I remember it being so hot i was sweating and it kind of made me sweat which I guess is a little hot.

After the scene I walked to my car I called my mom and my two best friends and told them everything. I didn’t regret anything but I felt, wow “I actually did it.” From that moment, I said to myself… now that one is out, mine and well be the best I can be and do as much as I can to make my adult film career succeed to its full potential.


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