Pure Box Cover

Review of Pure: Volume One from AireRose
Directed by Derek Dozer

AireRose Entertainment is a new studio offering the best in high end gonzo. That means their DVD’s (thus far) are Porn Without Plot (PWP). Pure is a collection of 4 scenes of new to the industry actresses paired with veteran, yet young, actors. Each sex scene is preceded by an interview with the actress featured in the scene.

Scene : Dakota Skye and Chad Alva

The scene opens with an interview of Dakota Skye. As the off screen interviewer queries Ms Skye we see her seated in a chair answering the questions. Occasionally there are clips from her scene showing her of playing with her breasts etc inserted into the interview as we continue to hear Ms Skye talk. Ms Skye is lovely and fresh faced and this interview could have been fun to watch. Unfortunately, even with headphones on, I can not make out the majority of what she is saying while the interviewer’s questions are well heard. The interview is too long, running almost 11 minutes.

With no transition we immediately see Ms Skye seated on a leather couch and veteran adult entertainment actor, Chad Alva, sits next to her. Mr Alva begins to kiss Ms Skye while proceeding to play with her breasts, moving on to rub her crotch through her pink panties. He focuses his attention on kissing her breasts, briefly. Mr Alva then helps Ms Skye to her feet, stands behind her while kissing her neck for a moment before bending her over the couch to make her ass accessible. He kisses and smacks her ass once before pulling down her panties and performing oral on her from behind. They stand again and Mr Alva kisses Ms Skye from behind while playing with her breasts some more. He then pulls down his jeans and she gives him a bj. Mr Alva is somewhat verbal during the bj and that is a treat for female fans! After a few moments Mr Alva leans down and kisses Ms Skye while he removes his pants completely and then she continues with the bj. Next, Mr Alva sits on the couch so Ms Skye can go on with the bj from a different angle. Mr Alva encourages Ms Skye to climb up and ride him cowgirl, on the couch. Things progress by Mr Alva lifting Ms Skye and placing her on her back on the couch to take her missionary style. After a few moments Ms Skye pulls her legs together and draws her knees to her chest allowing Mr Alva even deeper penetration. Then her legs are opened back up and he takes her harder while she plays with her clit. Mr Alva stops to position himself over Ms Skye so she can suck his dick a little more then he moves back to vaginal penetration. Soon he has her flip over so he can eat her ass for a second then start doggy style. Ms Skye turns around on the couch to give Mr Alva some more fellatio before they move on to spooning position. Next Mr Alva kneels on the couch to perform oral on Ms Skye once more then moves back to missionary. At last, Ms Skye goes from the couch to her knees on the floor so Mr Alva can ejaculate on her face.

Ms Skye’s movements, reactions and verbalizations seem completely genuine and all the more exciting because of that.
Mr Alva is a seasoned and capable pro who knows how to move his co star from position to position in a firm but gentle way that is very sexy. Seeing Mr Alva’s experienced control of the scene contrasted against Ms Skye’s completely professional yet apparent newness added something special to the scene.
Mr Alva’s verbalizations are well heard which and it is always a treat for fans when the gentlemen can be heard as well as the ladies.
Not that anyone should take their eyes of this delightful couple, but there are two wonderful paintings decorating the wall behind the couch…

The amount of time spent in any single act was far too little. Too much time was spent on the interview and not enough on each act.
Ms Skye seems to have a delicate gag response that made watching the bj a little difficult.

Scene 2: Payton Simmons and Will Powers
The interview of Patyon Simmons is well heard, she is fun and bubbly in it.

The sex scene opens with Ms Simmons kneeling on a bed kissing Will Powers. They continue to kiss as Mr Powers removes Ms Simmons’ clothes. Mr Powers stands up to remove his bottoms and Ms Simmons begins a bj. Ms Simmons does excellent deep throat and Mr Powers clearly enjoys it. Next, Mr Powers encourages Ms Simmons on to her back on the bed, removes her overall short and performs oral on her for a moment. Then he repositions her and begins missionary penetration then continues tbone while he stands beside the bed. Mr Powers stands on the bed once again for some more bj. Soon it’s Mr Powers’ turn to lay on his back while Ms Simmons continues with the bj before mounting him for cowgirl. After Ms Simmons climaxes from riding Mr Powers he stands on the bed again for some more bj and deep throat. Then Ms Simmons moves to her knees facing away from Mr Powers and takes him deep, doggy style. She turns back around after a bit and has another round of bj while Mr Powers stands next to the bed. Next we see them move to spooning and Ms Simmons climaxes again. Finally, Mr Powers stands on the bed to reach his own climax and ejaculate on Ms Simmons face and breasts.

Ms Simmons and Mr Powers have great energy in this seen and seem very well matched. Ms Simmons and Mr Powers are both quite verbal and perfectly heard. Ms Simmons is so good at bj and deep throat she is a joy to watch even for me as a straight female. A favorite moment was during spooning when Mr Powers and Ms Simmons had their fingers interwoven as she approaches climax.

The bed was a little squeaky, but that’s the same in real life, right?

Scene 3: Cali Carter and Daniel Hunter

The interview with Cali Carter is in the same vein as the others in this film. She is seated in front of a swimming pool talking and there are a few brief clips of her as well, while we hear the interview on voice over.

The sex scene begins with Ms Carter and Daniel Hunter standing at the foot of a bed, kissing. Mr Hunter pulls down Ms Simmons shirt, enjoys her breasts for a moment, then appreciates her ass before she turns to give him a bj. Next, it’s Ms Simmons turn for some oral as Mr Hunter guides her to the bed and onto her back. At Ms Simmons insistence Mr Hunter pulls her to the edge of the bed to start intercourse. He teases her for a moment with his dick before giving it to her, though. After a little while Mr Hunter goes back down to perform more oral then takes Ms Simmons from behind. Then Ms Simmons roles onto her back, hangs her head off the side of the bed and deep throats Mr Hunter as he stands next to the bed. When Mr Hunter moves to the bed and lays on his back Ms Simmons climbs atop for some reverse cowgirl. Ms Simmons takes a break to give Mr Hunter some more bj while he is on his back and he reciprocates by fingering her clit while she does. Then Ms Simmons is back on top for cowgirl this time. A little more bj happens while Mr Hunter is still on his back. After, Ms Simmons kneels on the edge of the bed as Mr Hunter stands next to it, again, and takes her hard. Ms Simmons then lays on her back and Mr Hunter continues missionary as she fingers her clit. They once again move back to spooning on the bed as Ms Simmons says “Fuck me hard” and Mr Hunter obliges. Then flipping Ms Simmons onto her back and pulling her to the edge of the bed Mr Hunter goes to missionary for the last time. When he is ready to climax Ms Simmons quickly gets to her knees on the floor so Mr Hunter can climax on her face.

Ms Simmons and Mr Hunter are also well matched. Both are vocal and well heard. Both give the impression of really enjoying what they are doing.

While this pair spends a little more time in each position than the others seemed to I would still have liked to see less changing and more time in any given act.

Scene 4: Kacy Lane and Bruce Venture

Following the interview with Kacy Lane we see Ms Lane on a couch with Bruce Venture. They kiss and Mr Venture proceeds to help Ms Lane out of her clothes. Ms Lane gets on her knees on the couch and Mr Venture takes her from behind. Then Ms Simmons sits on the edge of the couch to give Mr Venture the first part of a bj. Then Mr Venture lays on the couch as Ms Simmons continues the bj. Mr Venture gets his fingers spit slicked and fingers Ms Simmons during the bj before pulling her atop him for cowgirl. Next Ms Simmons spins around on Mr Venture’s cock to go to reverse cowgirl. Then Mr Venture flips Ms Simmons over and goes back to missionary. After a few moments Mr Venture stands up, bringing Ms Simmons with him, turns around and sits down on the couch for Ms Simmons to keep riding him. Ms Simmons is spun around again and lowered onto Mr Venture’s dick in a very hot way then they move to spooning position very briefly before moving on to Mr Venture kneeling on the couch and taking Ms Simmons in missionary again. Finally, Mr Venture moves up to climax on Ms Simmons’ face.

Some of the positions have an interesting variety on them.
The set for this scene is the best looking.

I didn’t feel there was much in the way of chemistry between these two performers.

Final Thoughts
Overall, I liked the scenes. The sex was interesting and competently done. The actors were as well heard as the actresses. The interviews were interesting but I felt they were too long. The different positions felt rushed before they moved on to the next position. The clothes and sets were colorful to look at. The overall sound and look is polished and great.

Extras: The DVD comes with a glam photo gallery and 4 trailers of other AireRose Entertainment releases.