Los Angeles – A new online survey conducted by leading adult online magazine XCritic.com and leading adult film studio Vivid Entertainment indicates that a majority of respondents (over 50%) still pay to watch their adult with 33% of respondents still watching porn via DVDs they purchase. “With all the talk of piracy and tube sites, the majority of consumers out there still wants to get their adult entertainment legally and is more than willing to pay for it,” comments XCritic Editor Christopher Thorne.

With DVDs still leading the pack, “tube” sites still had a significant showing with 31.7% respondents indicating they used tubes with the remainder of respondents indicating that they pay to watch their adult entertainment either on-demand or via subscription and membership sites.

Over 400+ visitors responded to the “Sex Tracker” survey which also showed significant trends in adult entertainment consumption, with the majority of respondents who watch porn (51.7%) do so alone and while masturbating. Still a quarter of the respondents (24.3%) watch porn movies alone simply for entertainment, while 23.5% watch it with a significant other.

Other popular trends from the “Sex Tracker” survey indicate porn viewers like features with strong storylines (20.5%), sex only (19.5%), or gonzo-extreme sex (12.9%), with the newer genre of parodies making a significant showing at 9.4%. Pornos involving three participants has been a perennial favorite and the survey finds that the combination of two women and one man is by far the most popular configuration (62%) followed by two men and a woman (25.7%).

The survey was conducted last month among visitors to XCritic.com, a popular online magazine that features reviews of adult movies and news of the porn business. Most of the respondents were male, but 3.9% were women and 86.4% were between 18 and 50 years of age.

Asked “what are your feelings about cam shows?” 17.8% of the respondents checked the box “What are Cam Shows?” while 38.3% said they do not enjoy cam shows and 23.4% said they only watch them occasionally or rarely and 16.9% said they watch the “free preview and that’s it.”

“The results are a fascinating snapshot of the preferences of visitors to our site,” said Thorne. “There’s a lot of speculation about what consumers want and don’t want and how they consume their entertainment, it’s great to see real hard data to show what’s really going on out there.”