Adult link sharing at its finest, is now allowing adult webmasters and earn from sharing their adult content. Also they will be able to combine this platform with all other forms of advertising currently available. The best part of this is that it comes at little delay to the end user. These things are making for an all-round great experience.

The technology behind Traffx allows website owners to provide quality content and add an additional revenue stream on to the bottom line. By simply adding a code to your website the Traffx system will automatically cloak and convert the links on your website into profit. With our built in state of the art tracking you will be able to see the system at work in real time.

Share a little or share a lot. Traffx allows you to convert one 1 link or 10,000 at the same time. With the webmaster in mind a number of professional tools have been created to make your life easier when using the system. is also great for people who are sharing content on social networks, forums and blogs. Where ever you can post a link online you can earn from traffx.

About just recently did a soft launch on the 15 of July 2013, to a great response to from the adult community.

Traffx is an adult advertising company that is ready to help people have new innovated ways to earn from their content. Advertising is our passion and we would love to have some quality publishers aboard and we look forward to working with you. We also provide the simplest advertising available today. We will be releasing more information on this at a later date.

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