London, England, UK – Alicia Amira, adult star and self-proclaimed queen of bimbos, is
tired of the stigma against sex workers. She’s fighting back with a sexworker-friendly
fashion brand called Be A Bimbo™ that strives to end the stigma against those who
embrace – and profit – from their sex appeal.

Amira’s new brand offers unique apparel and accessories aimed at every segment of
the sex work industry, from adult film stars to webcam models to strippers, as well as
women everywhere who simply want to unleash their inner diva.
The Be A Bimbo line has launched with three collections – a Sexworker collection of
crop tops, a Bimbo Family collection of accessories and apparel, and a Limited Edition
collection of bejeweled clothing. All items are available exclusively at Amira’s Online Boutique

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“Women like me are tired of being shamed for our sexuality,” said Ms. Amira. “That’s
why Be A Bimbo™ apparel has broad appeal. Whether you’re working within the adult
industry or just tired of being judged for looking hyper-feminine, Be A Bimbo™ is here
for you. We want to empower women, femme, trans, and everyone else to take
ownership of their sexuality.”

Amira was motivated to launch Be A Bimbo™ in April 2018 after the passage of the
Stop Enabling Online Sex Trafficking Act (SESTA) and Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act
(FOSTA), when companies that had long profited from sex workers and copied their
aesthetic refused to publicly support the community.

“Despite being among the world’s oldest professions, sex work is continuously maligned
and stigmatized,” Amira noted. “In both the United States and United Kingdom, the
government is actively passing legislation that endangers the safety and livelihood of
sex workers. Companies who profit from this space need to stand up and fight back on
their behalf.”

“End the stigma, bitchez,” she added.

Catch up with Amira’s controversial article “This Body Modder Wants to Turn Herself
into a Sex Doll” in VICE by visiting


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