Adult Time Releases New Anthology Film ‘Future Darkly: Pandemic’

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(Montreal, QC / January 21, 2021) — Chief Creative Officer Bree Mills unleashes her new not-so-dystopian project on the Adult Time platform, an anthology film called ‘Future Darkly: Pandemic’. Shot in close collaboration with remote content creators and featuring four stories of sex, loneliness and hope in the these trying times, the offering is Mills’ first full-length film since the releases of 2019’s award-winning ‘Teenage Lesbian’ and ‘Perspective’.

The first part, ‘Laura’s Delivery’, releasing on January 21, offers a tantalizing view of the frustrated state of human lockdown. Scarlit Scandal plays Laura, a depressed wife stuck in quarantine with her infected husband locked away in his room. As the days blur into endless moments of boredom and dread, Laura seeks solace in the strong arms of her handsome delivery man (Jake Adams).

“This film was a total experiment for me on how to evolve the way I approach production, from directing the project from my office using a virtual monitor setup and a skilled skeleton crew, to working directly in collaboration with the actors as co-producers and creators”, said director Bree Mills.


“I am very proud of the end result and hope it serves as a testament to the creative forces within our industry, and as a meditation on the impact of the pandemic on physical relationships.

“I want to personally thank everyone at Adult Time for supporting the project and a special thanks to Cherie, Michael, Siouxsie Q, Lola, Lucky, Jake, and Scarlit and our crew for being such amazing collaborators.”

The entire anthology will be available for free on YouTube with a SFW cut, while Adult Time subscribers can enjoy the full uncensored release of ‘Future Darkly: Pandemic’ on, home to the most extensive catalog of award-winning content – with access to over 250 channels, 55,000 episodes and 8+ new releases per day – all in one subscription.

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