(Los Angeles, CA) – AmateurPorn.com has officially rebranded as APClips.com. After 4 years, the rebranding of AmateurPorn.com, a platform long-loved by content creators for its 75% payout, and catering to a global audience of independent content creators and their fans, “gives us an influential new identity in the expansion and development of the site and our customer base,” said a rep for APClips.
The transition, which took place in early September, will not affect its subscribers’ login information, account data, saved content or the delightful presence of AmateurPorn.com’s ‘caticorn’ mascot Cathy, and still remains “a virtuous circle, designed by content creators for content creators. Same site, same company, same people, same everything… with a new name!”
“As AP has grown, the term “Amateur” is no longer an accurate description of many of AP’s content creators, and we did not wish to insult or inaccurately categorize any of our creators in this manner,” says the company rep. “We also realized that the term “Porn” was perhaps not entirely inclusive of and might even be alienating to many creators who did not consider “porn” to be an accurate description of their content, such as creators of softcore erotica, glamour, or non-nude content. We also feel that “APClips” is far more brand-able internationally than “AmateurPorn”, which we think is an important long-term consideration for international creators and their fans.”
The APClips name change, however, will affect the company online presence in emails, social media and search engines “with a more inclusive freedom in presenting our content creators’ brands, away from the expectation of producing amateur porn.”
There are currently over 3,000 independent content creators on AP, selling over 70,000 video clips, with 200+ new creators joining every month. The site currently boasts over 100,000 registered fans and active buyers who use APClips’ unique token-based platform for easy ‘one click’ purchasing and tipping.
Visit APClips.com to learn more and follow on Twitter at @ap_clips.


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