Houston, Texas — Health and wellness products company Aneros® enlists Entrenue to educate buyers on the unique benefits of revolutionary, hands-free kegel exerciser Evi™. The high-end boutique distributor promises to promote total brand awareness through the exclusive U.S. distribution deal.

Entrenue is renowned as a distributor with a passion for offering retail businesses the most unique, innovative, and high-quality products available. The company was assigned exclusive distribution of Evi because of its commitment to education and innovative products, which improve the intimate lives of men, women and couples.

“This is an opportunity for us to introduce Evi by Aneros to receptive consumers nationwide,” Aneros CEO CT Schenk says. “As a boutique distributor, Entrenue has a select list of products allowing its salespeople to fully invest in promoting Evi. We’re honored Evi can join the Entrenue lineup.”

Schenk continues, “I was drawn to the education-first mentality of Entrenue’s sales force. They will educate retailers on the health benefits of Evi, which is extremely important towards positioning Evi in the mainstream and medical communities. This distribution deal will ultimately elevate the entire Aneros brand, thus benefiting all of our products, as well as the distributors and retailers carrying them.”

Entrenue Director of Marketing and Sales Lisa Mazurek states, “From the very beginning, we have had an immeasurable amount of respect for Aneros. Its goals of health and sexual wellness, product quality, and especially customer experience are stellar.”

“I love the amount of thought and passion that went into every single detail of Evi,” adds Mazurek. “From the materials to every single curve, each nuance was extremely thought out and designed perfectly for the body.”

For more information on Evi by Aneros, visit the dedicated web page at http://www.Aneros.com/evi/.

As a health-conscious manufacturer, Aneros is a champion for sexual education, considering it essential for breaking down the taboos that prohibit people from improving their health and sexual enjoyment. To demonstrate this support, Evi was introduced in September at CatalystCon, a conference of sex educators and speakers held in Long Beach, Calif. During the official introduction at a seminar titled “Kegels and the Art of Orgasm,” seminar leader and sex educator Ducky Doolittle offered her full endorsement of Evi: “It’s totally unique,” Doolittle said. “Aneros understands the anatomy unlike any other company.”

The hands-free Evi is anatomically designed to fit every woman, and is made of a velvety smooth medical grade silicone material guaranteeing users sensual stimulation while strengthening PC muscles. With correct insertion, Evi alternately stimulates the G-spot and clitoris with a simple Kegel exercise, providing pleasurable body feedback for Kegel fitness. Firm enough to pivot and hold its shape while providing comfort, Evi delivers an inner fullness by comfortably adapting to the anatomical contours of the user’s vagina.

The Evi has received vast attention through social media, including its own dedicated Facebook page. One poster wrote, “I want to try an Evi because I am a woman who is over 30 years old, and I refuse to be the lady in her 50s who needs adult diapers…and because I’m married and frankly having good pelvic floor muscles is useful to me for my own benefits and his too.” Another poster noted “After giving birth to seven children, I have learned what these stretched and under conditioned muscles can do… and not do now! I need HELP.”

“A toy that is used for Kegels AND makes you feel good…..SIGN ME UP! LOVE that this is so different from the other toys available on the market, and looks much more inviting and exciting to use than the tradtitional Kegel devices,” said another participant, and one summed it up by saying “Kegel exercises that you don’t have to ‘think’ about. I’m in.”

On the b2b front, Aneros is providing Entrenue with point-of-sale information and tools for retailers to support the Aneros mission to have all women experience Evi. Aneros is dedicated to assisting retailer customers in attaining their own goals with the highest level of customer service available in the market.

Evi by Aneros measures XX inches and weighs XX ounces/grams. MSRP is $69.95.