Long Beach, Calif. — Evi™, the revolutionary hands-free Kegel exerciser by health-conscious manufacturer Aneros®, made its highly anticipated debut before an audience of sex experts, health advocates, and discerning consumers at the CatalystCon conference in Long Beach, CA, September 14-16.

For more information on Evi™ by Aneros®, or to enter a raffle to win an Evi, visit http://www.aneros.com/evi/.

Evi™ was presented to CatalystCon attendees by Ducky Dolittle, a renowned sexpert of more than 20 years. Doolittle’s seminar, “Kegels and the Art of Orgasm” offered conference attendees a guided tour of the female anatomy and the benefits of strengthening PC muscles, which control urine flow and contract during orgasm. A self-proclaimed “kegel monster,” Doolittle offered her full endorsement of Evi, noting her personal mind-blowing experience with Aneros’ latest revolutionary design and subsequent partnership with the brand after personally contacting Aneros.

“It’s totally unique,” Doolittle said in her presentation of Evi™. “Aneros® understands the anatomy unlike any other company.”

CatalystCon organizer Dee Dennis stated, “I was thrilled Aneros® chose CatalystCon to debut Evi™. CatalystCon is about creating change, and I feel we created something groundbreaking by launching a product not at the traditional industry trade show, but instead with actual sex education, going right to those who will use Evi™. The message Aneros® sent by debuting Evi™ at CatalystCon was their first concern is not bottom line or sales, but the sexual health and well being of those who will be using Evi™.”

The hands-free device is anatomically designed to fit all women and is made of a velvety smooth medical grade silicone material guaranteeing users sensual stimulation while strengthening PC muscles. With correct insertion, Evi™ alternately stimulates the G-spot and clitoris with a simple Kegel exercise, essentially providing pleasurable incentives for Kegel fitness.

Firm enough to pivot and hold its shape, while providing comfort, Evi™ delivers a delightful inner fullness by comfortably adapting to the anatomical contours of a woman’s vagina. Contracting and relaxing pelvic floor muscles causes Evi™ to caress the anterior wall of the vagina known as the G-spot, while externally stimulating the clit. The pace and pressure can be controlled by rocking and twirling the hips, thus offering women versatile stimulation.

Early reviews of Evi™ report strengthened PC muscles and intense orgasms marked by involuntary vaginal contractions, to which Evi™ responds by elongating the experience and often leading to female ejaculation. For newbies, Evi™ by Aneros® offers a valuable tool for gauging PC muscle strength, while encouraging fitness with rewarding results during each use.

Sex Blogger and Sex-Positive Activist Lady Cheeky (www.LadyCheeky.com) said, “I was interested in Evi™ primarily for its kegel focus. I found Evi™ provided me with a comfortable, and dare I say, enjoyable workout for my pelvic floor muscles. Once inserted, my kegels were immediately engaged and intuitively clasped onto Evi, making the kegel exercise itself thought-free. Extremely comfortable, I could walk, sit, and drive, all the while knowing Evi™ was secure and doing its job. Evi™ is like a barbell for your lady bits!”

“We attend a lot of conferences and have interacted with a lot of sponsors, and we’ve never been as impressed as we were with Aneros® at CatalystCon,” stated EvilSlutopia.com Co-Founders and Executive Editors Lilith and Jezebel. “The fact they chose CatalystCon for the Evi™ launch says a lot about them as a company and their dedication to sex positivity and sex education…We’ve never seen any sponsor treat the conference organizer so well or be so genuinely nice, helpful, and professional and just overall fucking awesome to everyone.”

At the conclusion of Doolittle’s presentation of Evi™ at CatalystCon, a raffle sent several enthusiastic winners home with an Evi™ of their own — however, discarded packaging in the women’s bathroom suggested some women couldn’t wait to take Evi™ for a spin.