Los Angeles — The selection of rising adult entertainment starlet Angelina Chung as the official spokesmodel for The Handie® marks the conclusion of the polarizing product’s Indiegogo campaign. Chung may now add the title of “The Handie Girl” to her career’s budding list of accomplishments, as she will be the gorgeous face of the first all-in-one finishing tool for men.

“I’m super excited to be the very first Handie Girl!” exclaims Angelina Chung. “The people have spoken, and they wanted a spokesmodel for a very intriguing and unique new sex toy, so here I am! I’m looking forward to beginning this journey with The Handie.”

During The Handie’s Indiegogo campaign, Chung vied against dozens of adult stars for the role. She garnered thousands of fan votes to beat out the competition. In addition to votes coming in through TheHandie.com, hardcore fans were able to purchase blocks of votes for their favorite adult performers by supporting The Handie’s Indiegogo campaign.

Thanks in large part to her regular tweets, sexy photos, and encouragements for fans to vote and support The Handie, Chung greatly impacted the crowdfunding campaign.

“It’s great to have Angelina Chung as the first spokesmodel for The Handie,” says The Handie inventor Maxx Padilla. “I think it’s important to have someone representing the brand who’s popular with the fans and also has a great work ethic. Angelina really worked her ass off on social media to win this, and that’s the type of person I want promoting The Handie.”

As The Handie Girl, Chung will appear in online and print ads, as well as videos and commercials. She will also greet fans and represent The Handie® at adult entertainment and novelty expos around the world, including the upcoming 2015 Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) in Las Vegas. Chung will also make regular appearances in men’s fantasies for zero additional charge!

Although The Handie® fell short of its crowdfunding goal to allow for mass scale injection molding, guys wanting to “upgrade their orgasm” will be able to by purchasing handmade editions of the glove via TheHandie.com.

“The mass amounts of media coverage, social media inquiries, and crowdfunding support we were able to achieve left with increased confidence in The Handie, and its place in the market,” states Padilla. “We’ll be back on Indiegogo with a vengeance in the new year!”

The Handie® is a revolutionary, state-of-the-art soft, supple glove that will make users never want to bare-hand it again. Its glove design allows the user to control the grip – going from firmer, to softer, to everything in between – so they can decide what’s best and most comfortable. It’s the end to the one-size-fits-all tubes and the start of five-fingered perfect grip.

Made from 100 percent skin-safe, food-grade silicone material, The Handie® is built to last. It features a bullet vibrator for hitting a man’s sweet spot because everyone loves a good buzz. Its self-lubrication system always keeping things slick, ensuring chaffing is a thing of the past. The glove’s easy-to-clean catcher cup allows for quick disposal of a guy’s little swimmers and washes out with soap and water. Requiring barely any maintenance, The Handie is ready to go whenever its owners are, unlike complicated to clean tubes and dolls.