Everyone remembers their first time. For me there are two, my first time with a girl was when I 16 and my first time with a guy when I was 17. So I began thinking that porn performers probably have some interesting stories when it comes to their first times but not just any first times, their first time on camera. So, after having this thought I’d figured I’d ask around to see if anyone would be interested in sharing the story of their first time on camera and I am proud to say that I received a lot of feedback saying that they would love to share their stories. I won’t say who has said yes yet but I do think you will all be pleasantly surprised with some of the performers that have agreed to participate. The first installment, in what I will hope will become a weekly series but you never know how things will work out, will go live tomorrow morning.

Any porn performers, male or female that I have not contacted yet, that are interested in telling their first time stories, please contact me at Christina.Doxstader@old.aipdaily.com