In an effort to expose the world to the Sinister X Syndicate brand and products, Sinister X has signed on with industry powerhouse Antigua Pictures, to handle all foreign and cable distribution, expanding the Syndicate’s global reach to new found proportions.

Antigua Pictures was founded in 1988, and since then has staked their claim as the alpha of the pack, handling foreign licensing, DVD and broadcast rights for only the biggest and best companies in the business. Stated on their website as the “real deal original old school pornographers who have always stayed true to our roots,” Antigua Pictures owner Todd Blatt has deep rooted history with Sinister X, which is why the sinister one is excited about this relationship.

“Todd and I go back a long time. It’s almost as if we are family. I couldn’t be more privileged and proud to be working with a man like this and his company. I look forward to big things and world wide domination of product placement and performance, and the only man that can help me do that is Blatt and Antigua.”

Family is a strong theme, as even the Antigua Pictures website refers to its family roots, loyalty and desire to put words to action.

“This has always been a family business. We are people in this business who don’t just talk about things we make them happen.”

Making things happen is exactly what they are doing, as Sinister X Syndicate, in partnership with Antigua Pictures, is proud to announce that the entire roster of Sinister X Syndicate Super-Starlet talent is available for all exclusive signings and tours in the foreign network, exclusively through Antigua.

“It’s a big day, it’s a big year, it’s just really big. Antigua gets our product and our stars out to the world, and the quest for world domination is engaged. Doesn’t get much better than that.”