Boston, MA – Just when we thought pretty much every adult niche had been now explored, along came the idea for, an explicit FemBot site in episodic video format set in a futuristic world with mad scientist, Dr. Ashley Fires as the architect of exotic fembots that are programmed for everything from sexual servitude to domestic service.

In a collaboration between and Ashley Fires’ Rebel Base Studios, this very high tech and unusual site will appeal not only to adult surfers, but Science Fiction and futuristic gaming affianados alike. Producer Colin Rowntree says “We are simply thrilled with this collaboration with Ashley, Jack and their team of very talented film makers to bring this unique genre to the world!”

What is a Technosexual?

We as humans love our machines. Sometimes we feel lost without our laptop, tablet, or alone without our phone. Our machines have been an extension of ourselves since we invented them and soon they will be our lovers too.

Is a humanoid robot a person? Can it love? Is a sex android the objectification of a loving human? Or is it the personification of a binary, formally logical computerized machine?

The mingling of skin and circuitry can be potently erotic for a Technosexual. Just knowing that a stunningly beautiful woman is a plastic skin covered robot can be an instant turn-on. She is a synthetic replica of a lover, and she only does what she’s been programmed to do.

She can walk and talk. She can kiss and lick. And she can have sex all night, whenever you want, as soon as you want and any way you want. And never has a headache!

Would you like some pillow talk with your android afterwards? She can talk tech and get you turned on all over again. She can show you what she’s made of inside. She can open her access panels and show off all her complex electronic circuitry because she knows how much you like to see that. She knows how much you like it when she doesn’t let you forget that she’s a robot.

As this world of science fiction becomes ever closer and more real, we will be testing more and more advanced android prototypes. There is always work to be done in the field of humanoid robotics and there are always breakthroughs to be made.

Director and Producer, Jack Kona explains: “ is the first of it’s kind. It’s something we have wanted to do for a long time. An original episodic website that follows specific plot lines. Recurring sexy characters, that viewers get to know and love. High end production values, cool special effects and of course hardcore sex! We wanted to create that “What Happens Next” anticipation with every episode. Viewers and talent alike are always very excited to see what the next video holds in store for them!

I love the dynamics between the humans and the fembots. Being seemly in control over a female robot and then having her malfunction and go haywire. Completely out of control. And you do everything in your power to try to fix her. Kind of like a human relationship!

Our main storyline revolves around Dr. Fires (played by Ashley Fires) a leading scientist in the field of Robotics and Applied Android Development. She always loved her work and had a vision of a world where robots interacted with humans sexually. Once the head scientist for the HRX Corporation but left when the government tried to weaponize her creations. Dr. Fires starts her own experimental Android division. Creating her own HRX (Humanoid Robotic Experiments) model, the Ashley 3000 (also played by Ashley Fires) is far more advanced than any of the past HRX’s. She is the very first fully functioning Sex Android. Build with for the sole purpose of providing pleasure the ASHLEY 3000 will be able to satisfy any humans sexual fantasy. When the evil HRX Corporation catch wind of Dr. Fires new prototype they do everything in their power to capture the Ashley 3000. They send their own evil HRX Fembots to try to bring her in and they are met with one exploding orgasm after another. Dr. Fires combats the Corporation by creating more Fembots and constantly upgrading Ashley 3000 to make her even more powerful. After many attempts The HRX Corporation finally prevails and Ashley 3000 is captured and reprogrammed. But a Spybot is sent to break her out and Ashley 3000 escapes and is now out in the world encountering one sexy adventure after another.”

Series Producer and Star Ashley Fires adds, “I think the Technosexual fetish and our site is a beautiful expression of dominance and submission. Developing has allowed us the opportunity to be creative, think feely, and use our imagination. I am excited to embark on this great journey.”

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