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Author: Drew McKenzie

The Accidental Voyeur: This Time, It’s Personal

All good things must pass, and I’d like to thank the more faithful among my readers because my three-year relationship with AIP ends with this column. I’m calling time because I need to start work on a new book (partly based on these pieces) but as my swansong I’d like to riff on the brouhaha over last month’s announcement from Playboy, that it would be shelving nudity from its print edition because it simply can’t compete with the more sexually explicit stuff on the Internet. What’s all the fuss about? In my opinion, Playboy had hinted at this back in its own March 2002 issue, stating the inflection point quite clearly in “Wired,” its tech news section, which featured an image of a handheld device bearing the sultry visage of Vivid contract girl Briana Banks. The headline was “Porn to Go,” and it revealed how the porn companies are “gearing up to deliver XXX-rated images to personal digital assistants and cell phones equipped with wireless Internet access.” Fast forward a dozen years and what was then a potential novelty has become an inevitable reality. Should anyone be surprised? On one hand (so to speak), it’s now impossible to compete with all fifteen volumes of Jules Jordan’s Ass Worship that you can easily download, though in my humble opinion the first one from 2001 is still pretty hard to beat....

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The Accidental Voyeur: Bate and Switch

Reece Ryan looks like the girl next door who sure wants to satisfy you better, and from her very own bedroom too (as in the photo above). She has 77,650 social media followers and wants you to know she is 30 years old, has modeled for Victoria’s Secret, does not smoke but drinks socially, and is sexually into men, women and couples. She even won a “Best Cam Tips” award last month — a great way to celebrate her birthday, September 12 – for teaching webcammers how to better monetize their shows, even disclosing her unique sales strategies for selling her own panties online. But if you prefer girls who flaunt their body art, there’s also Ramona Flour in all her tatted glory, who won the Inked Awards Cam Girl of the Year in 2014. Reece and Ramona are all yours on the webcam portal Chaturbate ( When I learned about it, I flat-out laughed out loud. Really, has there been a more self-explanatory name for an adult website? Their slogan is: “The act of masturbating while chatting online” (and their Twitter page proudly proclaims: “You have the right to chat and bate”). Some say these sites are the future of porn but while I can’t say I agree (because it’s still early days and who the heck knows the future?), I do think of them as the working...

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The Accidental Voyeur: Ashley, Audrey and Me

I guess it’s time to confess my strange new hobby, one that’s probably weird even among porn fans. I mean, really, how many people do you know who collect movies where they can say they were actually there? As we industry insiders are well aware, it’s not unusual to be on sets without ever seeing the final film — mainly because some movies take so long to get released after they’ve been shot that they invariably get lost in the mists of time – so it became my newfound mission: to collect movies on DVD that I’d actually witnessed first-hand, either while officially covering it for reportage or merely attending as an observer. That’s easier said than done, since I’ve found it impossible to locate some of them — one Robby D gonzo title, for example, was so old it had actually been deleted from the Vivid back catalog – but I was compelled to forge on after seeing some I did track down that were really good. These included Flesh for Fantasy (my very first shoot, which I wrote up and published in Penthouse Variations, October 1999) and Café Flesh 3 (shot in September 2003, the first time I ever met Sunset Thomas in person, after watching her perform a scene with three guys, totally exhausting them). Then, a few weeks ago as I celebrated yet another birthday,...

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The Accidental Voyeur: Jangle the Dangle

What would we do today without social media or channels of online communique? I opened up my Skype window the other day and saw a note from a porn star I knew. She had sent an open message to all her regular contacts: “If you’re a male talent and live in Porn Valley and is interested in doing a B/G with me, please direct message me here, the shoot is for tomorrow at 9 am.” Wow, I thought, gone are the days when you had to call a production manager to find out what the heck was happening the next morning. I’ve actually seen situations like that, where some dude cancels a boy/girl scene at the last minute and so some lucky cameraman or production assistant gets asked to step in and save the day, offering his cock to a waiting mouth or lower orifice. Some civilians find all this strange, of course, but I myself approve of her initiative. Why shouldn’t she ask around for a guy to work with the next morning? (Always better when he’s cast rather than crew, I say!) As long as he’s been tested and comes equipped with a decent dangle that she can jangle, I think she’s entitled to search for her source of income. It’s a business, too, you know. It did, however, also remind me of one comment from a...

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The Accidental Voyeur: Sex, Lies and VHS Tape

A friend of mine, a mainstream film director in Los Angeles, told me she never understood the appeal of porn stars. “They all seem to have a dark karma going,” she said, “all trying to work out things that never work out.” But that, I told her, was exactly what fascinates and intrigues me. Theirs is, succinctly put, literally the most naked kind of sexual exhibitionism, really attempts at self-confidence born of great emotional insecurities, often stemming from personal dysfunctions. I could riff torrential reams of text on that thought alone but, basically, I believe that our empathy with this is the real reason behind why we profess to love the girls we love. I also think that the latent lust we hold in our hearts for people we’ve never met in person (and seen only as images), purely on the basis of their sexual attributes, is a perfectly fine and normal thing. This view was shared by another friend (also a mainstream director) who told me he had finally tracked down his all-time favorite porn star, Annette Haven. Now, that name was a blast from the past. Those of us in a certain age group, myself included, remember Annette after she’d made her adult film debut at age 19 in the film Lady Freaks, back in 1973, and she finally left the industry after some 170 films made...

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