Author: Scarlet Harlot

Scarlet Harlot: A Lonely Place to Be

I’ve been asked what I thought my parents might think if they ever found out what I do for money. My honest answer is I have no idea. I would like to think they would have no objections were it not for the fact that this kind of work I do is not considered socially acceptable as a job. And it makes me also realize how this living can be a lonely place to be, in that I don’t have anyone to talk to most of the time – meaning people who understand exactly what I go through. You...

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Scarlet Harlot: Reflections on Intimacy and Pleasure

Recently, just after the Christmas holidays, I was scheduled to see a new client, who has lately become a favorite of mine after three sessions together. However, I had to cancel what would’ve been our fourth session – for the worst of possible reasons. I had my period! Suffering from menstrual cramps all day, I was forced to rest and it made me do some soul searching about my newfound vocation. Why am I a sex worker? Why do I do what I do? Most people don’t have this kind of work problem, losing some of their income stream...

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Scarlet Harlot: Welcome to My World

Hello, my name is Scarlet Harlot, and I am an escort. What I do would probably shock a lot of people since I’m an Asian girl, living in a very conservative community, and I’m doing sex work primarily as a means to an end — paying my own way through university. My parents don’t know and my boyfriend doesn’t know, and I’m truly proud to call myself a fledgling whore – I’ll be turning 21 in a few months and this is only my first year in the sex industry. I started in November 2015. Why, you’re surely wondering,...

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