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Author: Venus Lux


Hello, Lovers! As you all know, I am a woman who owns my own business and am very hands on. I create my content, oversee my website and make every decision on my own. Yet when I try to talk shop with men in the Industry, they...

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VENUS RISING: This is a Man’s World

Hello Lovers! Being a part of the surge of transsexual culture has been amazing. I have met so many positive people and had amazing experiences over the past decade. I am so grateful to be on this side of history and able to...

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Hello, Lovers! The interesting thing about porn is you bare yourself to the world. It is literally as naked as you can be physically, yet it creates a smokescreen of sorts. When I sit down with fans or get interviewed it becomes...

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VENUS RISING: The Trend of Trans

Hello Lovers, It seems like over the past few years transitioning in America has escalated in acceptance and acknowledgement at an amazing rate. When I was transitioning, and not that long ago I might add, the plethora of...

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VENUS RISING: The TS Romance Myth

Hello Lovers! There are some quintessential moments in one’s life when you realize certain beliefs you held tried and true are just mythical. There is no Santa Claus , Unicorns aren’t real and romance does not exist for...

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