(Franklin Twp. NJ) Adult Web Virtual Reality (AWVR) takes porn to the next level with the launch of the first customizable adult entertainment platform. The AWVR team is passionate about passion! The goal is to offer people the freedom to express themselves. Not everyone can experience a personalized fantasy on an everyday basis, but within AWVR you can. Build your ultimate avatar, take him or her to our clubs and create your own customizable personal experience. Most importantly, based on the AWVR proprietary algorithm, you can convert them to full flesh, and engage in online interactions. This means your fantasies become Virtual Reality. This is your ultimate playground. This platform, along with associated toys, wearables and virtual reality, allows you to enjoy the ultimate adult entertainment experience.

Build your own playmate by customizing:

Overall shape
Hair and facial features
Genitalia and much more

Then take your avatar to one of our virtual clubs. Even create an avatar of yourself so that you can interact with your customized playmate directly.

“This platform will not only support respectful adult entertainment but will also give the user an opportunity to experience a social and sexual environment that they are never excluded from. Additionally, the platform will be set up for sexual education based on an algorithm, so that the content is directed at the correct audience. This platform is meant to make “Porn Personal” and sex less taboo,” stated AWVR production team.

Consumers can secure their membership now via the newly launched Indiegogo Campaign.