Los Angeles – Axel Braun has signed controversial adult film director Rob Black to produce six hi-budget feature films for his studio Axel Braun Productions, marking the official start of a comeback by the notorious “bad boy” movie maker who recently completed a federal prison sentence after pleading guilty to obscenity charges.

“I’ve known Rob for 15 years, and he is first and foremost a true artist and a passionate filmmaker, and it’s an honor and a pleasure to have him part of the ABP family,” said studio head Axel Braun in announcing the agreement. ABP films are distributed by leading adult movie company Vivid Entertainment.

“The films he will make for ABP will be unlike anything he has ever done before and will definitely show a much different Rob Black than what people expect,” said Braun. Black will begin principal photography on his first project later this month.

An award-winning director, until his imprisonment, Black owned the highly successful adult studio Extreme Associates. Beginning in 2004 Black and his wife, Lizzy Borden were prosecuted for distribution of material considered obscene by the U.S. Department of Justice. After a costly six-year legal battle, the couple pleaded guilty to federal obscenity charges and accepted one-year prison terms, which they both served in full and completed recently.