BaDoink Network Partners With HereSphere VR Player

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(Los Angeles, CA) Adult virtual reality creator BaDoink Studios announced today a partnership with cutting-edge VR player HereSphere in order to optimize BaDoink’s streaming capabilities and deliver a fully customizable interface and more personalized user experience.
With the power of Heresphere’s built-in browser, users can simply log in to their favorite BaDoink Studios site and instantly enjoy an immersive theater experience that offers them the ability to seamlessly browse and stream its premium VR catalog.
“Downloading our 7K VR scenes is a great way to enjoy our content, but HereSphere offers a quicker, more direct route to a VR experience, without filling up hard drive space with heavy files. We’re excited to be working with HereSphere as they continue to provide cutting-edge, custom-tailored streaming solutions.” Says Lucas Elliot, Director of VR Content.
HereSphere is an experimental application that pushes the boundaries of VR player immersion. Their new autofocus feature allows users to selectively focus on scene subjects using eye-tracking technology to create a more cinematic atmosphere within their headset. While Stereoscopic VR videos are perceived differently by each individual, HereSphere’s technology allows users to find the right settings for them through distance-based head tracking and IPD correction.
Users will also have access to an advanced timestamped file tagging system, making it easy to skip to their favorite scene segments. Color adjustments, key-framed settings, and lens distortion settings are also available to further personalize the user’s experience.

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