Cyberspace— The Baroness Brittany Bendz spoke with Daily Beast journalist Aurora Snow about her experiences escorting and working as a dominatrix for GOP reps in Washington, DC and in London with Zoom Escorts. The Bavarian TS fetish start and courtesan, who also works as a dominatrix, is referred to as “The Darling of K Street” amongst DC insiders.

“The reason why I think trans girls and BDSM have become bedfellows, if you’ll pardon the pun, is that the core aspect of BDSM is humiliation,” says Bendz. “What’s more humiliating than being forced to suck a cock, right? Especially if you’re a member of Congress or on a committee… you might feel the need to be really filthy and humiliated.”

“Thanks to its revolving door of influential lobbyists and politicians, K Street symbolizes the ultimate trifecta: power, money, and sex,” writes Snow. “This is where S&M temptress Bendz made a name for herself dominating Washington, D.C.’s affluent, turning the tables on politicians who ask for it (not so surprising when you consider that D.C. is the kinkiest place in the nation).”

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