Los Angeles, CA – Upon release of a recent blog for The Huffington Post, Anderson Cooper invited legal prostitute and writer Bethany St. James onto his nationally syndicated program to discuss sex and relationships. The episode, which aired on February 8th, has received tremendous attention via Anderson Cooper’s website, and from journalists around the country.

“The amount of support I received through email, Twitter, Facebook and through comments left of Anderson Cooper’s website was amazing,” says Bethany. “It truly showed me that my message is valid and there are a lot of people who just need someone in their corner, a cheerleader so to speak. I am flattered that so many people reached out to say that they heard and accepted my message of personal empowerment, breaking down stereotypes, building healthy relationships and proper sexual education. So, I would actually like to thank Mr. Cooper for treating me the way he did. It got a lot of people’s attention and woke them up to how the media can really twist things around. I learned a lot and I’m ready to move forward!”

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