Hillsborough, NC August 02, 2013 – Bettersex.com today announced an all-new affiliate sales program, powered by an industry-leading platform designed to maximize payouts and speed to market.

BetterSex has chosen a platform known throughout the affiliate industry for unparalleled results as its affiliate program. The network services some of the most coveted brands in retail. Affiliates will benefit from personalized service, robust reporting, and enhanced merchandising to improve commissions. Partners will also benefit from exclusive sales and promotional materials.

BetterSex promises seamless integration with websites that apply.

“We consider this a win-win scenario for our affiliates,” said Betsy Grondy, Customer Acquisition Manager. “Our payouts are among the highest in the industry. We have already received great interest and our commitment to quality positions us as a cut above the rest.”

Existing BetterSex affiliates are invited to join the new network, and a dedicated service team has been tasked to ensure the transition is smooth. Signup is available for new and existing affiliates at this link.

“Affiliates need fast approval, generous payouts and rock-solid reporting to be successful and we want everyone – new affiliates and old – to benefit from that,” Grondy continued.

About Sinclair Institute

Since 1991, Sinclair Institute® has developed an extensive library of videos and products covering everything from advanced sexual positions to erectile dysfunction solutions. The best selling Better Sex Video Series®, has sold more than four million videos in over 30 countries. Sinclair sex education videos help individuals learn about sexuality in the privacy of their home. Working with a diverse team of professional sex educators and therapists, we create products that work by fostering communication and creativity between partners. The Better Sex® videos address topics many people find difficult or embarrassing to discuss.