Los Angeles – New websites BetterThanTheHand.com, a news and opinion blog, and ManShop.com, an e-tail store, launched this week. The sites create an open dialogue for men about masturbation and provide resources on sexuality products, while the co-launch of the sites coincides perfectly with Men’s Health Month.

“I started Better Than the Hand because there really isn’t a good, honest dialog and resource out there for male masturbation,” stated Magnus Sullivan, editor of BetterThanTheHand.com and co-owner of ManShop.com.

“I mean, where IS the Hitachi wand for men?” Sullivan asked. “I want to move away from technical reviews of sex toys and clinical descriptions of the benefits of masturbation and towards the idea of how sex toys facilitate an experience. What works for one person might not work for another — that’s why I’m interested in a variety of perspectives.”

BetterThanTheHand.com gives visitors reviews of the latest sex toys and sexuality products in the context of a frank discussion about the overall benefits of sexuality products. While the physical and mental health benefits of masturbation are well documented, tremendous shame continues to enshroud many men, who feel embarrassed to talk about their experiences openly.

Sullivan hopes to encourage more men to explore self-pleasure and feel comfortable sharing their experiences with others. As a result, the site will focus on the experience of using toys and offer specific suggestions about technique in order to maximize pleasure.

“This is not only about self pleasure, however; it’s about how creative stroking can lead to creative sex with others,” said Sullivan, who is a filmmaker known for the 2015 erotic film Marriage 2.0, which blends explicit sex with dramatic narrative. “Understanding how to enjoy an erotic build and then recover quickly parlays into better sex with your partner. It’s also about broadening your idea of stimulation.”

Contributors to BetterThanTheHand.com include Ned Would, a self-described queer geek, who is also an adult performer with a background in experimental physics. Others include Julius Prince, a veteran writer on sexual topics, and Steven Silvercreek, a freelance writer known for his work on cultural histories, professional basketball, and homoerotic double entendre. For a list of all contributors, click here.

To write for BetterThanTheHand.com, email Magnus@BetterThanTheHand.com.

ManShop.com was created by men for men, as a one-stop retail site offering a wide range of sexuality items, such as sex sleeves, lotions, lubricants, anal beads, anal toys, prostate massagers, and more. It features comprehensive descriptions and product ratings, as well as access to the latest products, blogs, and a rewards program for valuable savings on purchases.