Quebec, Canada – Bodi Spa Inc (, has developed the Bodi Spa concept, which consists of a variety of new products for the ever-demanding marketplace of massagers, adult novelties and wellness products. The line will be officially introduced to distributors at the ILS show in Las Vegas, September 9th through September 12th.

“This summer, Bodi Spa has made tremendous progress in the outreach of their line of products”, says Alain Elmaleh, General Manager of Bodi Spa Inc.

Recently, US based Liberator has begun selling the line of toys and massagers, and received an incredible response from customers.

“We are very excited to see that so far, Love Honey (one of the largest distributors in the UK), Eldorado Distributors, Merchants Worldwide, Lovers Lane, and many other US and foreign based companies are looking into possibly distributing some of the bodispa products, and will confirm their involvement with the line during the ILS in Las Vegas“ says Zack Stevens, the sales manager, at Bodi Spa Inc.

The Bodi Spa line is seeing a lot of movement in its own Canadian backyard as well. will make the line available on its website in the next few weeks. Pleasure N Treasures, one of the leading chains of adult retail stores in Canada, has picked up the entire line for all its stores. “So far the result has been astonishing,” says Trish Mack Kay, General Manager for Pleasure N Treasures. “The line is outselling all of its competitors in terms of ratio of product sold versus inventory. We clearly see a preference from women who would rather choose Bodi Spa’s clean packaging over traditional sex oriented toy packaging of competing products.’’

In fact, the Bodi Spa packaging has been specifically designed to reflect the change of attitude by women towards toys. The Bodi Spa Line was conceived to look more like a mainstream, therapeutic line of products rather than an ordinary line of sex toys . “This is the reason why you won’t see any naked women or men featured on any of the packaging.” says Elmaleh.

In terms of the products themselves, the line is composed of a handful of carefully chosen tasteful items ranging from the very big massagers and vibrators such as the Almighty, the Wonderwand (plug in), the Wonderwand + (rechargeable) to the medium range vibrators such as the Must and the Ultimate (rechargeable), to the smaller, well priced, more discreet vibrators such as the G, the wavy, and The Egg. There are also 4 different models of high performance vibrating cock rings. In total there are presently 20 different items in the Bodi Spa lineup so far, and another dozen items will be released before the end of 2012.

The Canadian based company will also introduce Boditoyz, its second brand, which will be composed of high end toys in sumptuous packaging destined for the higher-end love shops and couples stores that cater to the more sophisticated customers.

Boditoyz will consist of high end life size dolls and carefully hand-picked men and women’s toys, all sold in beautiful white and gold packaging.

Boditoyz will also roll out its beautiful new light fetish and bondage toy kits, following the mega worldwide success of the 50 shades of grey book trilogy and the increase in demand for these specific types of toys. The kits will come in 3 versions, the entry level kit (6 toys), the Executive kit (8 toys) and the CEO’s kit (10 toys).

“Customers will be blown away by the beauty of these two lines and their gorgeous packaging, and we expect a phenomenal response from customers for both lines as well as for the bondage toy kits!” says Elmaleh.

Visit the bodi spa website at visit us at booth 322 during the ILS in Las Vegas from Sept 9th through Sept 12th.