Venice, CA – Bonnie Rotten is sending a message to the adult industry this week that she is dead serious about her career by adding Rising Star PR to her arsenal, freeing her up to spend her valuable time focusing on the little things her publicists can’t do—modeling and performing for the camera—while establishing herself as one of the hottest up and coming stars in the adult.

Bonnie got her start as a model working car and motorcycle shows in the Midwest. She was a spokesmodel and poster model and traveled the U.S. working auto and bike industry shows, quickly becoming a popular pin-up. She participated in competitions as she broke the mold as a tattooed model. And then she started pushing the envelope.

Actually, she opened a new envelope altogether. At 18 she got her start working in dance clubs, becoming an advanced pole dancer and performing in more than 20 cities before decided to give work as an adult model/performer a try.

A close look at her tattoos reveals that she is a fan of horror movies (her knuckles read “CAMP BLUD,” which of course is a reference to Friday the 13th). She also has reverences to several other movies and characters and even Frank Sinatra (right thigh) for good measure.

She is also a huge football fan, more than curious about sexual fetishes and the owner of B-movie figures, ‘70s and ‘80s slasher films and memorabilia. She has worked with fetish specialists Dungeoncorp,, and Ken Marcus, as well as New Sensations, Evil Angel, Brazzers, and Diabolic. She is a performer who refuses to be pigeonholed as a particular type of performer or to get stuck in any one genre. Her diversity will certainly be an asset as she raises her profile and marches on in the adult industry.