is arguably one of the best domain names on the market right now and that it comes with its very own trademark, and a library of over 50,000 HD scenes makes it even more enticing.

“The rule of thumb when it comes to premium domain names is to use is an easy to remember and easy to spell domain name and it doesn’t get better than It’s a word everybody knows, says and uses all the time,” says Brandon Ackerman.

Despite the launch of more than 1,200 new gTLDs, .com remains far and away the most popular top-level domain. The internet’s domain names are dominated by a single three-letter ending: “com”. There are more than 100 million domains ending in .com – more than 25 next largest domain extensions combined.

Brandon Ackerman is asking $575,000 for A domain name that was purchased by his company five years ago for $1.5 million and back then it didn’t come with the library of 50,000 HD scenes.

To purchase this domain name or for more information, you can contact Brandon by sending an email to