Venice, CA – Brandy Aniston is celebrating her birthday this week and that’s not the only fun you get to have with her. Just named the October Miss What’s Brewin After Dark ( , she is doing a live show for on Wednesday at 6 pm PST. Over the weekend she also shot some amazing photos and solo videos with

But it’s her birthday that’s the centerpiece of this week and since it’s technically Oct. 19, the party will start this Thursday, Oct. 18 and work its way to the midnight hour where everyone will be lined up to spank the birthday babe.

The party will be held at Blok, 1650 Schrader Blvd. For tables and guest list 310.749.9029.

If you missed her on the LA Talk Radio show last week go check the archives at for the full show. It’s almost like being there when it happened!