Brittany Andrews Explores the Future of NFTs with New Crypto Events

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(Las Vegas, NV) — Brittany Andrews is finding success in the NFT space with a slew of new endeavors, starting this weekend with various Mistress Mother’s Day Events, Sunday, May 9th.
The superstar Playboy model, two time AVN Hall of Famer and adult legend will be hosting a Clubhouse event with London Punk artist Toby Mott; together they have created a series of eight video NFT’s titled, ‘BrittPunk’, featuring Miss Andrews’ attitude juxtaposed with Mott’s artwork; a collision of energies expressed as raw Punk collage on the OpenSea platform.
“Put Sunday in your diary – now’s your chance to get a rare collectible risqué NFT for free on Sunday 8th May an 12:00 PM PDT,” said Andrews. “Join us in Clubhouse for the live event launch of our new NFT platform”
Andrews also teamed up with SpankPay for a special Mother’s Day photo shoot and promo to celebrate MILFs and motherly love. “SpankPay supports financial empowerment for sex workers by helping them safely and easily accept crypto payments. With mothers so often responsible for household finances, we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight SpankPay and crypto as a tool for moms to protect their financial sovereignty.”
Models can sign up for SpankPay at and tip Brittany with SpankPay at{yourSpankPay URL).
She’s also teamed up with Cum Rocket ( The brand new cryptocurrency CumRocket is the hottest NSFW project since OnlyFans. Its main goal? To provide an NFT marketplace for 18+ content, where creators will get paid in special tokens called CUMMIES. According to CumRocket’s website, this will allow for a level of anonymity that ​“other popular platforms fail to provide”.
The project was developed by a British software engineer named Lydia, who announced its creation via TikTok on 4th April. Less than three weeks later, CumRocket surged 634 per cent in a single day, taking its market cap to over $140 million and proving beyond any doubt that this is a meme coin to be taken seriously.
CumRocket is proud to be featuring Andrew’s this Mother’s Day for this special Limited MILF Edition NFT for Mother’s Day.
Andrews has been in the Bitcoin space for years, and with NFTs, saw the perfect opportunity to return to the industry after a long hiatus to make money as a content creator after having her content stolen over the years through free torrent/tube sites. After scoring success on her OpenSea platform with artist BRAINPASTA, Andrews is looking ahead to further interests beyond this particular type of investment.
In a recent interview with E-Crypto News, she said that she’s interested in cryptocurrency and NFTs because “as a content producer I can mint a serial number my content and then make sure that I’m going to get paid for that piece of content through perpetuity of the life of that particular piece of content on that platform with digital distribution.”
“I think that any content provider would like to be able to have a foreseeable future of where minting your content was the norm… whatever it is you can imagine and you can put something out creatively… so that you get royalties for the rest of your life, it sounds like a great idea. Sign me up!”
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