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Pornstar Personas: Maneater

There is nothing wrong with sex right? We are all sexual beings after all and these ladies live and breath that thought. Partially it’s their look but this persona is being picked on performance. These ladies are...

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Pornstar Personas: Coed

You see that girl in the lecture hall or just walking around campus. She’s beautiful and confident and sexy. She reminds you a lot of girl down the street back home. The only difference is that she is more in tune with her...

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Pornstar Personas: Diva

You ever walk down the street and see a stunningly beautiful woman? She gives off this confidence vibe that can border on arrogance. She oozes sexuality and all you want to do is go up and talk to her. While probably a nice...

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Pornstar Personas: Tomboy

Everybody knew that girl growing up that was always hanging out with the boys. She wasn’t there to just fawn over them, if at all; they were there to beat them. Whether it was in basketball, baseball, tennis or anything else,...

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Pornstar Personas: Librarian

Quiet, unassuming, inquisitive. These are just some of the words to describe this Pornstar Persona. The worst thing you can do with this woman is to assume anything Behind the quiet exterior is usually a ferocious beast when it...

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Pornstar Personas: Pinup

The year is 1943 and the boys are going off to war. Sure they have a picture and the memories of their girlfriend back home but who are they staring at and perhaps jerking off to? Whether she is in a magazine or painted on the...

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