Marina Del Rey, Calif. — Chanel Preston will be featured on HDNet as its “Happy Ending” of the Year. This is the most recent honor derived from a celebrated year with amazing movie roles and accolades. HDNet’s “Deadline! Unrated: Best of 2011” will feature a behind-the-scenes look at Chanel’s highly rated August segment on the show. The episode airs tonight at midnight EST / 9 pm PST.

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In August 2011, Chanel Preston was featured on a special segment of “Deadline! Unrated” titled “Girl on Girl.” Chanel and host Katie Daryl had an intimate chat about the star’s career, before goofing around with champagne and balloons.

HDNet’s Katie Daryl states, “When we were putting together our Best of 2011 episode of ‘Deadline! Unrated’ for HDNet, we had a ton of gorgeous ladies to choose from to be our featured ‘Happy Ending.’ Chanel’s beauty, star power, and artistic photo shoot really exemplified what a ‘Deadline! Unrated’ ‘Happy Ending’ should be, so the decision was made – Chanel Preston holds the title of Best ‘Deadline! Unrated’ ‘Happy Ending’ of 2011!”

“I had a blast shooting with HDNet last year,” says Chanel Preston. “It’s an honor to be selected as their ‘Best of the Year’ episode. Katie and I had a lot of fun on set, and I’d gladly do it again in a heartbeat.”

Chanel’s sophomore year in the adult industry has been filled with great acclaim. In 2011, Chanel was cast in numerous leading roles for high profile movies such as Rezervoir Doggs, The Justice League of Porn Star Heroes, Tomb Raider XXX, Mork & Mindy XXX, Romeo & Juliet, Taxi Driver XXX, and more. Demonstrating foresight to her versatility, availability, and demand industry-wide, NightMoves named Chanel Best Female Performer in October 2011.

Chanel’s sudden rise to stardom includes filming for the most popular adult studios in the world. Her beauty, professionalism and pure sexuality are known throughout the industry, making Chanel one of the most demanded performers. In turn, Chanel utilizes studios’ popularity to expand her own visibility and brand, while maintaining control of her website and photo content—representative of a new generation of adult performer.

To meet growing demand for sexy, new content featuring Chanel Preston, the starlet recently announced the development of her website, The site is expected to launch in the winter of 2011. Chanel is partnered with to build and host her personally owned and operated site.