(Hollywood, CA) – Where does a Social Media Icon go when she wants to get away from it all? If you’re Chloe Amour,@thechloeamour you simply stop. Stop shooting, Stop posting on Social Media, stop everything.

“I originally planned on going on vacation for a couple of weeks.” Says Chloe. “I was going nonstop for almost 3 straight years, and while it was an amazing journey, I just needed some down time, re-assess certain aspects of my life, career and so forth. Once I was able to step out of being Chloe Amour and go back to just enjoying the simple things life has to offer, I began to regain the passion I had when I started in the industry.”

While returning to the industry that’s given her so much, her approach this time will be slightly different. For starters, she will only be appearing in new material exclusively for her own platforms, such as only fans { www.onlyfans.com/chloeamour }.

“I want any new material I appear in to reflect more of my personality, different aspects

of my life. “Says Chloe, “The only way to ensure that is to create and distribute the material myself.”

While a notoriously private person, this approach allows her the luxury of not always having to pretend to be something else, and simply just be herself.

“When I shoot for companies, everything has to be structured accordingly.” Explains Chloe. “Now I can do what I want, when I want to, where what I want, step outside the confines of shooting for mainstream Production companies.”