(Tampa, FL) Clips4Sale, the original and still #1 downloadable video clips site, is offering a brand-new, exciting feature of holiday-themed and special events clip promotions to all their studios, just in time for Halloween.

Customers will now be able to browse for holiday-themed and special events clips from multiple studios on one page. Clips4Sale will be promoting the clips on their main page https://www.clips4sale.com/clips/category/0/AllCategories, as well as through on-site links, social media, and press releases to adult news outlets. The new themed clips will allow studios to step into the spotlight, be creative, and release clips with the current holiday or special event theme.

“We’re excited to offer our studios a new way to post clips and get noticed,” says Owner Neil. “This will offer our customers more variety of clips that they can purchase and increase sales for our studios. We will be doing holidays, seasons, and other special themes throughout the year. There’s still a few weeks until Halloween, and we’re excited to see how creative our studios get with their clips.”

To take part in the current themed clip promotion, you must post a new, never before posted clip, use the custom keyword, and follow the rules posted at http://blog.clips4sale.com/b/new-themed-clip-promotions/. Only one clip per studio can be posted in each themed clip promotion. For Halloween, the custom keyword is C4SHalloween17.

Producers and models looking to open a new Clips4Sale studio, can visit https://www.clips4sale.com/clips/page/openastudio.