Atlanta, GA – Acclaimed sexual wellness authority and Wicked Pictures contract star jessica drake’s photo essay on was declared “most popular photo blog of 2013” by the prominent news outlet. The profile, created by photographer Chris McPherson and journalist Abbey Goodman, follows the adult performer, filmmaker, and modern sex educator over three days in Los Angeles. On December 31, 2013, CNN tweeted, “And our most popular photo blog from 2013: A day with porn star @thejessicadrake, by @almostrad: #CNNTop10. In the photo blog, drake discusses LA County’s controversial Measure B (also known as the County of Los Angeles Safer Sex In the Adult Film Industry Act), the adult industry, and her performance, educational, and volunteer work; the feature also takes a peek into her private life. “I was so surprised and excited to learn my CNN photo blog ranked number one for 2013,” says drake. “Topping a list that includes many important societal concerns and well known celebrities further proves just how interested the general public is in sexuality and the adult film industry. Many people harbor preconceived ideas about what being an adult performer means, and that is exactly why it was important for me to do this project. I am honored to have given so many people a candid look at my life, both on and off set, and I thank Chris and Abbey for their hard work on this piece, as well as Wicked Pictures for granting the on-set coverage.” To see the complete photo essay on, click here. drake makes a point of stressing condoms are not foolproof, and strongly disagrees with the Measure B legislation. “As a woman, I don’t like someone telling me what to do with my body, and as a performer, I feel very much the same way,” drake says in the interview. Since 2004, drake has been a contract performer for Wicked Pictures, the only major adult entertainment studio to produce condoms-only content since 1999. Yet while Wicked Pictures’ in-house policy requires condom use, the company joined most of the adult industry in opposing Measure B. Before the election, drake appeared in a “No-on-Measure-B” ad, available on the news-and-information website The Huffington Post (To view it, click here). As an advocate for safe sex practices and education, drake spearheads Wicked Pictures’ involvement in Adult Production Health & Safety Services, a program designed by the Free Speech Coalition to provide producers and performers with a reliable protocol and database for STI testing. The CNN story also profiles drake’s childhood and upbringing, her life in front and behind the camera, and her personal philosophy and ethics about life in the adult industry. “[The] worst thing about [being in the adult industry] really had to be that there’s such a stigma, and there’s such a stereotype…there will always be people that look down…people who will pass judgment,” adds drake in the feature. She sees the industry as an opportunity to live out fantasies in a safe, consensual way and takes her work seriously. “There’s no shame in what I do. My family knows what I do…every day I’ve been in the industry, I’ve tried to represent myself, the industry, and especially Wicked [Pictures], well. [The] day I decided I was going to be in the industry, I decided I was going to do it to the best of my ability.” A fervent educator on sexual health and wellness, drake is a highly sought-after sexual wellness speaker who lectures at universities, teaches seminars, and runs workshops globally. Through her series of workshops and seminars, and her line of instructional DVDs, jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex, drake teaches people to explore their sexuality in a fun, safe, and responsible way. She teaches how to set boundaries, emphasize consent, and still have wonderful sex, while communicating effectively with partners. The DVD series has received excellent reviews from adult industry authorities including XBIZ, AVN and The production jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Fellatio received the 2012 AVN award for Best Educational Release and jessica drake’s Guide Wicked Sex: Anal received the 2012 XBIZ award for Specialty Release of the Year. In addition to a recognition for Best Continuing Series and Best Marketing Campaign, jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Anal Play for Men and jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Woman to Woman are currently nominated for Best Educational Release for the 2014 AVN Awards, where she is also nominated for Best Actress and Mainstream Star of the Year honors. The line of instructional DVDs is also nominated for Specialty Release of the Year nominations in the 2014 XBIZ Awards.