Los Angeles, CA – Online adult comic publisher Gentlemen Comics has had the good fortune of a solid increase in traffic in the six months the site has been online. Gentlemen Comics isn’t alone; XXX animation is bigger than ever and according to a recent poll on its site, more women are jumping on the mostly-male bandwagon, contributing to the legitimacy and acceptance in mainstream pop culture. Most of the fans polled (80%) also believe that adult comics are more accepted than regular adult films.

Adult comic books have been quietly growing in popularity for the past fifty years, once the domain of underground book stores, now easily found in every genre online. Like adult films, adult comics provide immediate visual stimulation with a straightforward story. Unlike adult films, however, comics indulge us in our wildest imaginations far away from reality, which is part of the reason why comics are stealing the spotlight – and sales – in the adult entertainment world.

Sex educator, adult film legend and adult comic book enthusiast Nina Hartley has noticed the upward trend as well. “I think they’re exploding in popularity now because of the wide range of topics and subjects available and the increased number of artists who are comfortable with the subject matter. From mild to wild, cute to hard core, there’s something for every taste!”

Gentlemen Comics, known for the dark and moody series Maya: Sensual Intelligence and cocky rooster mascot Gary Cockerell, updates the site often with new episodes to meet swelling demand, and takes pride in producing adult comics that stimulate the senses – for both sexes – that few other forms of adult entertainment can do.

To find out more about Gentlemen Comics, visit their website, www.gentlemencomics.com.