Author, podcaster, and sex educator Cooper S. Beckett announces the release of Approaching the Swingularity, a novel about a week of debauchery and drama at Aphrodite’s Resort & Spa on the Riviera Maya. The story features characters that were introduced in his first novel, A Life Less Monogamous, which was published last year.

Beckett is the founder of Life on the Swingset, a website about swinging, polyamory, and open relationships, and the host of its flagship podcast Life on the Swingset. His first book, a memoir and essay collection called My Life on the Swingset, was published in 2015 and reached #1 on’s sexuality bestsellers list.

Published on Beckett’s own Hump & Circumstance Press, Approaching the Swingularity tells the story of three couples and their host as they experience the unique pleasures and challenges that come with vacationing in a swinger’s paradise, from the struggle to leave problems from home behind to the quirks and perks of being the only lesbian couple in the resort to the mastery of proper orgy etiquette.

“The positive response to my first novel was so gratifying, and now I’m excited to continue the journey of those characters in a new setting,” said Beckett. “The world of Approaching the Swingularity is broader, deeper, and more complex, which allowed me to explore more of the flavors of non-monogamy and sexuality in a way that I think readers will really enjoy.”

Approaching the Swingularity is available as an ebook and paperback. For more information and to order the book, visit