Philadelphia, PA — A survey of 100 anonymous women by online sex toy store [], shows hard evidence that their mate doesn’t mind when a woman uses vibrators or dildos in their absence.

According to the survey, though many women express some concerns that they should hide their vibrators and dildos for fear of making their partners jealous, 95% reported their mate doesn’t mind if they have a battery-powered friend to keep them company on solo Netflix-and-chill nights.

So now that the main concern of many women has been alleviated, how else can the Cupid’s Box survey help sway others to see the light? To start, while many women got their first sex toys early (from ages 18-24), plenty of women ages 55 are buying vibrators for the first time.

However, 60% of the respondents bought their first sex toy at a store, with only 13% purchasing them online. Some expressed concern that a highly-graphic box would arrive at their place of work or their home. Discreet women of the world can be assured that while Cupid’s Box celebrates every sexual proclivity, the company also understands that what’s done in the bedroom doesn’t need to be visible next to a customer’s front door. All Cupid’s Box orders are shipped in boxes labeled only “CB, Inc.” and priority shipping and express processing comes free with all orders over $30.

Also, 39% of Cupid’s Box survey respondents reported that they’ve had a sex toy break on them, perhaps the deciding reason why the vast majority reported that they would be willing to spend more on a sex toy with a warranty. Many of the high-end sex toys carried by Cupid’s Box, including the famously innovative brand Jopen, come with year-long warranties, This means clients can feel safe investing in the quality sex toy they deserve, without fear of having their wild ride ruined by the little engine that couldn’t.