San Jose, CA – Curvy Girl Lingerie, one of only two plus-size lingerie shops in the nation, has launched a “Love Letter to Your Bully” campaign encouraging overweight women who have been shamed to stand up to those who have made negative comments about them, by writing their bully a letter and sharing their feelings of self-acceptance.

Curvy Girl’s founder, Chrystal Bougon, a plus-size beauty herself, was inspired to create the “Love Letter to Your Bully” campaign after reading a meme by Jen McLellen, founder of, in which she stood up to someone who shamed her about being overweight. The two women are encouraging their fans and followers to create their own memes, or simply write a letter to those who have bullied them, and share the letters on either the Curvy Girl Lingerie or Plus Size Mommy Memoirs Facebook pages.

“I wish all fat-shamers, ‘concern trolls,’ and Internet bullies could get to a point in their lives where they can find some real love that will help heal or fill their heart, so their eyes and hearts can see beauty in all things and all people,” said Chrystal. “Haters are motivators for me, and the hatred that they spew so freely all over social media helps me to wake up and hit the ground running each morning…. fulfilling my life’s goal to show curvy, fat, thick, and plush women that they are beautiful and sexy, and that they deserve to be respected and loved.”

In her own meme to those who have bullied her, Bougon writes, “Your hatred towards fat people FUELS MY FIRE to spend every waking moment showing curvy women how sexy they are. All women deserve to feel sexy and beautiful. My heart breaks for you that you cannot see the beauty in all bodies. I hope one day you find some LOVE in your life so that you can learn to love yourself and stop putting fat women down to fill your sad, empty heart. Choose love, not hate.”