London, UK — announces the launch of its premiere made-to-order video clip site, offering a new revenue stream for performers, as well as talent agencies and studios with contract stars. The website gives fans a portal through which customers can submit requests for personalized videos of their direction – using their chosen scenario, with their favorite performer, all in a variety of fetishes and scripts.

“Customs4U revolutionizes the way we purchase adult content,” says Customs4U founder and CEO Tim Stokely. “Gone are the days where a studio will dictate our viewing. Custom-scripted videos allows us, the customer, to become the Director of our own personal movie, and allows us to download our ultimate fantasy in one click of a mouse.”

“For the performer, Customs4U provides an incredibly lucrative way to earn from the adult industry on their own terms,” continues Stokely. “No commission charges on their set prices, no staying up late by the PC waiting for the cam traffic to pick up. Custom videos can be filmed at a time of the performer’s convenience, using their mobile device. For webmasters and content providers, we can also provide a simple, cost-free solution to allow them to instantly capitalize from the ever-increasing demand for custom video content.”

For many customers and fans of adult entertainment, the only way to access talent performances are through purchasing already-produced videos and clips, or to interact via webcam, rather than anything customized to their wants and needs. Through Customs4U, customers can select a performer, request a specific type of scene, under their direction – and be guaranteed that the intimate, personalized clip will be delivered to them by a specific deadline.

Customs4U also makes producing the scenes easy for performers. Mitigating the need for webcams, studios, and other high-cost equipment, the site allows models to create scenes from their smartphones and tablets. By also providing a means to upload the completed scene directly to the fan through Customs4U, clips delivery is swift and discrete. The creation of custom videos also mitigates piracy, keeps overhead costs down, with the performer retaining sole copyright, and creates a direct revenue stream.

The site pre-launch drew significant attention from models seeking alternate and new millennium income for their performances. To date, over 350 models have created profiles on the innovative site, and have started to create personalized videos for fans. Scene themes cover a range from a wide variety of erotic fantasies including, but not limited to: ass-worship, ball busting, cuckoldry, foot fetish, small penis humiliation, smoking, up-skirt, hardcore, solo masturbation, toy play, and more. Models are able to set their own prices, limits, and types of scenes available through individualized profiles.

Customs4U believes strongly that people should enjoy their sexuality, regardless of preference, fetish, kink, gender, and body type, and interact with their favorite performers in as direct a way as possible. As the premiere portal for sex-positive and kink-friendly people to explore their innermost fantasies in a new millennium way, Customs4U brings people what they want, when they want, in the most efficient way possible, from the comfort of their own homes, dorm rooms, and beyond.

Performers and models are invited to sign up and start offering custom video capabilities to their fans through Customs4U by clicking here. Fans interested in ordering personalized clips may sign up here to get started.