Los Angeles – The Daily Beast has featured Kelly Holland as part of an increasing number of women combating the stigma attached to females in the adult industry. As one of the most influential women in the business, Holland attempts to tackle the misconception that porn is degrading to women and other notions based on the outdated blueprint of the “good girl”. To read entire article, please visit http://goo.gl/9JSCzn.

“Holland is one of the most powerful women in the entertainment industry — adult or otherwise,” Daily Beast reporter Emily Shire wrote. “She and a few other women working behind the scenes of the porn industry as writers, directors and entrepreneurs are combating the stereotype that the only place for a woman in porn is in front of the camera servicing men.”

Holland was previously working as a mainstream documentarian before being offered the opportunity to direct an adult feature. She found working outside conventional rules of filmmaking both an educational and eye-opening experience.

“I began to realize that these women—whether they articulated or not—really exemplified for me the essence of modern day feminism, which is, ‘My body my rules,’” Kelly Holland, Managing Director of Penthouse Entertainment said. “Not my dad’s, not my husband’s, not my mullah’s, not my rabbi’s, not my priest’s, and frankly, not my girlfriends’.”

Holland is part of the growing number of women in the adult biz that prove that whether a woman chooses to be in front or behind the camera, her choice can be empowering and liberating.

Kelly Holland started her film career in the late 1980’s as a documentarian in the war zones of Central America.In the mid 1990’s, Kelly began directing adult features under the name “Toni English”, where she worked with Vivid Entertainment under an exclusive contract for the next seven years. In 2004, as the Executive Producer for the newly launched Playgirl TV, she developed the channel’s look and feel, overseeing all of the channel’s content as well as representing women’s erotica as the Company’s international spokesperson.
In 2006 Kelly left Playgirl to help launch Penthouse TV where she created the look and feel of the platform as well as directed and produced the majority of its content for the first two years.

In 2008 Kelly became the Managing Director of Penthouse Entertainment and now oversees Broadcast, Licensing, Clubs and the Magazine division. Today, Penthouse Entertainment has 11 distinct channels, is live in over 72 countries and available on over 40 platforms reaching more than 300 million households. The linear channels include Penthouse HD; Penthouse 3D; the first all black channel, Penthouse Black; and the first live interactive channel to be launched in Europe, Penthouse Live TV.

When she’s not busy working with Penthouse Pets, Kelly is actively engaged with other pets through The Animal Rescue Alliance, a non-profit rescue and farm sanctuary she founded.