Dallas, TX – Dallas Novelty, the award-nominated online adult toy retail store whose motto is “Sex is For Everybody,” is proud to introduce the brand-new Womanizer Starlet for women with limited mobility or for the woman on the go.

“The new Starlet will be the biggest release so far from Womanizer because not only is it smaller but it’s price point is a lot more manageable with it being under $80. The Starlet will fit in the palm of your hand but even with its petite size this touchless orgasm machine uses the famous Womanizer pressure wave technology to bring women to orgasm faster than any other toy in your chest,” says Marketing Director Nick Mahler. “We look forward to the feedback our disabled customers provide and with it being very affordable we see it selling out the first run just like it’s big sister the W500 Deluxe and the 2GO.”

Some busy ladies have found they can use the Womanizer while seated at a computer or while watching an adult movie on the couch with their lover. Most people think of female sex toys as a monstrously powerful wand like the Magic Wand or an insertable realistic dong but this one has totally changed the game since this stimulator is not inserted into your vagina or needs 10 jigawatts of power to do its job. The Womanizer can even be used during your period but like anything else during this time, caution must be exercised, and it might take a little practice before using during your cycle. Remember sex and orgasms are nature’s version of Midol!

For more information on the Womanizer Starlet go here https://www.dallasnovelty.com/brands/Epi24-Womanizer.html?sort=newest.

Dallas Novelty is celebrating their 15th year anniversary and are celebrating by giving 15% off everything for a limited time and free shipping with a purchase of $49 or over.

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