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Once again, I have the great pleasure of announcing the release of another Darkside Magazine. Issue #61 of the UK-based fetish and BDSM magazine features Polish Mistress Evelyn on its cover, holding a ball gag against her ample and more-than-slightly exposed cleavage, the lady wearing stunning black latex with red trimming. Her come hither look will certainly make you come (and use that word any way you like) hither into this chock-full magazine, replete with the writing and photos one has come to expect from Darkside.  

This time around the features include a wonderful pictorial tatted Inked Empress/Inked Barbie X showing off her attributes in a scrumptious dungeon setting. A friend of Darkside for a while now, this is the curvy blonde’s first appearance in the magazine.

Darskide’s editor-in-chief interviews cover lady Mistress Eveyln X. We learn about this Polish lady’s true calling to be a domme, and of course get to salivate across her many pictures in nine pages of her piece.

A flirty and fun Mel Helfin is our Dungeon Maid, and she smiles and poses through her pictorial, up next.

The interview with visual artist Sheriff Reno explores the world of legal AI visual creations and with what he reveals across four pages we also get to see some of the man’s amazing AI-generated artwork. Who knows quite where AI might take us, but Sheriff does his best to explain where we are all at now with this technology and how he surfs it legally as well as so creatively.

We get a well-known BDSM trope, so perfectly rendered in photographs taken by Roy McCann’s of Feral Vice. The lady is done up as a naughty nun gone astray. Dare we say the tatted and pierced vixen comes to endure quite a cross to bear (or bare).

Mistress Zara Fox is next up, being interviewed by Paul Donnelly. We learn that sissification is this pouty-mouthed, busty lady’s favorite fetish.

There’s an advertisement in this issue announcing something the Darkside family certainly wants you to be aware of. On March 23rd, from 9 pm to 1 am, at the Trap Door, Camden London, Darkside is holding a party. More details can be found by going to: DARKSIDEMAGAZINE.COM/EVENTS.

Onward through the magazine is model Rae showing off her needleplay. Another deep dive super intelligent exploration from the magazine’s regular contributor Madam Carmen; in this issue, she tackles extreme domination. The ‘fetish file’ shows off Queen Naomi. There’s vibrant colors that freedom bring with Dirk Hooper’s illustrations this time, and there is an introduction to what toy supplier Eden’s Temple is all about. 

And much more.

You can grab this new issue of Darkside magazine and everything else from Darkside, here: https://www.darksidemagazine.com/

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