(Los Angeles, CA) — Porn_fans have known for a long time that there is no greater collection of information about the world of XXX than IAFD.com. Their extensive database of_porn star stats, movie credits and scene pairings is accessed by hundreds of thousands of smut-loving fans from across the globe. Now the massive collection of adult film related data has been used in a whole new way.

Blogger John Millard has published “Deep Inside: A Study of 1000 Porn Stars” (http://jonmillward.com/blog/studies/deep-inside-a-study-of-10000-porn-stars/), a statistical analysis of today’s_porn stars. Using a sampling of IAFD.com’s data on over 100,000 adult performers, Millard breaks down the information to determine what the “average” porn_girl looks like these days.

Contrary to the clichéd image of a busty blonde XXX Barbie, Millard used the IAFD’s extensive data to determine that the “average” porn_star is a brunette, Caucasian, probably from California, Florida or Texas and most likely named Nikki.

The article has captured the attention of the_porn world as well as mainstream sites. Huffington Post and Slate.com have both run articles based on Millard’s conclusions.



“It is really interesting to see our data used this way,” says IAFD.com’s Jeff Vanzetti. “Due to sample size and other factors, I’m not certain there’s a real scientific statistical conclusion to be drawn here, but it was a good read with some really eye catching charts.”

Vanzetti will have the chance to discuss the article, his take on some of the conclusions and all things IAFD.com when he joins Jay Thomas on Sirius XM 104 on Wednesday, February 20th at 5:30pm ET for some drive time talk.